Torch is one of the most sought-after and purchased hemp brands in the entire industry. Here at D8Gas, we are authorized retailers and master distributors of the remarkable Torch brand, carrying more than a thousand products that range from disposables to cartridges and gummies. Our close connections with Torch Enterprise allows us to receive their products quicker than any other hemp company nationwide. With our abundance of Torch products, we’re able to provide wholesale and retail sales at the best available prices that can be found across the market.

The D8Gas packaging department that fulfills customer orders work extremely hard around the clock to make sure that all orders placed before 3 PM EST are shipped out the same day. With our understanding that many of our customers use hemp-derived products to assist with their daily lives, we make fast shipping speeds one of our highest priorities to assure that an eased mind is readily available when needed!

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Diamond Disposables

Torch Diamond Disposables are the newest and best-selling collection of products in the current market. If you’ve tried one before, we’re pretty sure you know why! If you haven’t, we’ll explain why they’re growing in popularity by the day. They utilize the latest cutting-edge technology to craft these devices. The use of ceramic coils incorporated into their disposables and cartridges provides a significantly better vaping experience. Ceramic coils are heat-resistant, assisting in: distillate longevity, metal oxidation, improved flavor, smoother and heavier draws, and durability.

Additionally, Torch Diamond Disposables are extremely sleek and lightweight. This gives consumers the ability to use them discreetly- minus the fact that the aroma when vaping is VERY skunky thanks to the usage of naturally-derived terpenes, top-grade hemp flower for extractions, and minimal use of ingredients.

There are 7 different collections of Torch Diamond Disposables. Each feature their own unique strains, as their disposables also provide a unique, unmatched experience! Links to each one are listed below. If you would like to learn more about them individually, descriptions are available to you on the product page.

Platinum Rosin Disposables

Torch Platinum Rosin Disposables are the most popular products from the Diamond collection. This is primarily due to the fact that users report they are the strongest out of the 7 that are available. They are infused with 3 different immensely potent cannabinoids: THC-B, THC-P, and THC-O.

By blending these cannabinoids into a single disposable, they’re able to offer consumers a tremendously powerful experience. Platinum Rosin Disposables are offered in unique flavor profiles, such as the mouth-watering Cake Pop and Gelatti Gushers to the super dank Jet Fuel and Gassy Taffy. By incorporating a live resin extract procedure for the distillate instead of using dried and cured hemp flower, a higher abundance of terpenes and cannabinoids are preserved. This results in a way more potent and flavorful experience when vaping.

How do you use a Torch disposable vape?

Using a Torch disposable is very simple. As soon as you receive it, removing it from it’s packaging, click the center button 5 times to turn it on (or off), and puff away!

These disposables also feature an innovative pre-heat function. To enable it, simply press the center button twice which will make the button glow white, meaning the distillate is pre-heating for a perfect hit. The preheat will extend your battery life and allows the disposable to vape at lower wattages while still producing a sufficient amount of vapor. Also, this feature will let you to use the entire cartridge without producing dry heat at the end and will result in a cleaner, better taste and extend the coil’s lifespan.


D8Gas is officially an authorized Torch Enterprise retailer, which has transformed us into a master distributor of everything Torch. With our abundant inventory of Torch products, we’re able to offer the best available prices across the market for both wholesale and retail sales.

Orders placed on D8Gas before 3 PM EST are speedily processed and shipped the same day ordered by our hard working fulfillment department- no matter the quantity.

Torch’s collection of Diamond Disposables are quickly becoming one of the most popular products you can find in the current hemp market. This is due to their top-grade extracts, innovative and cutting-edge technology, a whooping amount of 2.2 grams of distillate in each device, and professionalism when it comes to production.

The most sought-after of them all are there Platinum Rosin disposables. This is due to the fact that they’re infused with 3 of the most potent cannabinoids available. Also, the usage of naturally-derived terpenes and minimal amounts of ingredients allows for deliciously flavorful puffs.

To conclude, if you haven’t experienced Torch, we highly recommend you to!

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