Torch HHC-P Live Resin Disposable 2.2G


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Torch HHC-P Live Resin Disposable

The new Torch HHC-P Live Resin Disposable is uplifting and each vape comes pre-charged and pre-filled with 2200mg of pure and potent hemp derived HHC-P. This is a well known brand established out of California, and they source only the best premium active ingredients for their products. The devices used for these vapes contain a ceramic coil which allows for a smooth vaping experience without any burnt hits.

All of the terpenes used in the vapes are organic and strain specific. These disposables are available in 5 different delicious flavors. These vape pens also have a pre heated coil button so that you can heat up your oil prior to taking a drag.

Torch HHC-P Disposable Strains

Champagne Breath- Sativa

Fuel Biscuits- Hybrid

Devil Driver- Hybrid

Trainwreck- Sativa

Super Lemon Haze- Sativa

Product Features:

  • HHC-P
  • 2.2 Grams
  • Third Party Lab Tested
  • Made in the USA

Click here to view Lab Reports.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Josue Jimenez
My favorite cart currently

If you're looking for a cart that's going to **** you harder than any other cart you can get shipped to your door this one it.

Black Knight
More please

This stuff hits the spot for me, I've tried a lot of different products, this one is 🔥. Long lasting stoned effect.

great stuff

best **** best prices ty big g

FIRE disposables !!!PREHEATED!!!

These **** are the best disposables on the market. HHC-P is the ****. These disposables are the **** bomb though. USB-C, preheat and no draw activation bullshit to ruin my disposable? **** yeah.

Fuel Biscuits

It’s a superb product. The terpenes are really good and it hits like a truck. I plan on buying these again.