When it comes to cannabis concentrates there are a variety of options to choose from. Live Resin and Live Rosin are two concentrates which are often confused with each other. These two cannabis concentrates sound and look similar: Live Resin and Live Rosin. You may not think there’d be a big difference between live rosin and live resin just because there’s only a difference in vowels. The reality is live resin and live rosin come from the same plant but are created in different ways, and have potency difference. Overall, Live Resin and Live rosin both are popular amongst cannabis enthusiasts because they offer unique effects and a set of benefits. In this blog post, we will what is the difference between live rosin and live resin, how they are made, how to consume, and more.

What is Live Rosin?

Live Rosin is a cannabis concentrate that is made using a solventless extraction method. It is created by applying heat and pressure on cannabis buds to extract the trichomes. Whereas, Trichomes are resin glands from the epidermis of a cannabis plant that look like tiny hair or crystals. It can also be created by flash froze, which means freezing the cannabis immediately after harvesting in order to preserve trichomes and terpene profile(responsible for flavor and aroma).

Live rosin doesn’t use solvents to extract plant compounds, after flash froze the material is placed between heated plates which applies heat and pressure to the material. The process separates the cannabinoids and terpenes from the substance and the resulting extract is a sticky, resinous substance that is high in potency and terpenes, however live rosin is less potent than live resin. Live rosin is considered to be more natural and a pure cannabis concentrate because the process requires no solvents.

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What is Live Resin?

Like Live Rosin, Live Resin is also a concentrate that is made using cannabis plants that were flash-frozen immediately after harvest but solvents are used in its extraction method. The process of Immediately flash-frozen the cannabis plants preserves the cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpene profile. In order to extract live resin from frozen cannabis plants solvents like propane and butane are used to separate active compounds cannabinoids and terpenes and this process is called hydrocarbon extraction. The process creates live resin a highly potent and rich in terpene profile substance. Live resin is known for its strong aroma and flavor profile, it may not be considered a pure or natural concentrate like Live Rosin.

Live Resin vs Live Rosin: Which is Better?

Live Resin Vs Live Rosin

The answer to this question depends on your personal preference and the experience you are looking for. As we have previously mentioned, Live resin is more potent than live rosin. Why live rosin is less potent than Live resin? Because of its natural extraction, the cannabinoids may lose some of their potency. While Live Rosin is usually more flavourful and aromatic because of solventless extraction process.

If you prefer higher potency then Live resin is the best option for you, while if you prefer flavor and terpene profile over potency then you should definitely go with Live Rosin. Why is live resin has less flavourful and aromatic than live rosin? Because of the extraction process, live resin is extracted using solvents like butane and propane which slightly diminishes the flavor profile.

There is no clear “better” option when it comes to choosing between live rosin and live resin as both concentrates offer unique effects and characteristics.

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Differences between Live Rosin and Live Resin:

Extraction Method: The extraction method of these concentrates are different, live resin is made with the use of solvents like butane, and propane whereas live rosin is made without the use of solvents.

Freshness: Live resin can be made from fresh and cured cannabis plants, while live rosin is only made from fresh ‘live’.

Flavor: Both concentrates have rich flavor and terpene profile but live rosin is slightly on the upper side thanks to the solventless natural extraction process which preserve the maximum terpene profile in the substance.

Purity: Since Live resin extraction process involves the use of solvents butane and propane, while live rosin is considered more natural and Pure cannabis concentrate because the extraction process doesn’t involve the use of solvents.

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How to consume live resin and live rosin?

There are a lot of ways you consume both concentrates, here are some:

  1. Dabbing: This is a popular method to consume live resin and live rosin. The method involves using a dab rig, a dab tool, and a torch. Prepare the dab rig, let the nail cool, use the dab tool to scoop a small amount of those concentrates then apply the live resin to the nail. The heat on the nail will vaporize the concentrate, resulting in producing a thick and flavourful hit.
  2. Vaping: Live resin can also be inhaled or consumed using disposable vape pens or re-fillable vape cartridges. The devices come pre-loaded and are popular among cannabis enthusiasts.
  3. Joint: A rolled-up cannabis cigarette made from rolling papers.
  4. Bong and pipe: These concentrates can also be consumed using a bong and pipe. It’s important to use caution as stronger draws can lead to strong effects. It’s always better to go slow and gradually increase the dose.

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Where to purchase Live Rosin & Live Resin?

It’s important to note down that you should purchase both concentrates from a reputable store like D8 GAS as all the products are lab-tested and quality guaranteed.

Overall, purchasing from D8 GAS can give you peace of mind and ensure that you get top-notch quality products that are safe to consume.

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