What is the Zaza strain?

The Zaza strain is an earthy, piney, and lemony indica-dominant strain which is a crossbreed between Blue Dream and Rare Dankness #1. Users report a powerful, sedative body effect.

Zaza’s Appearance

Zaza nugs are a light green in color with orange pistils, dense, full of the “frost” look from it’s beautiful trichomes, and can have purple hues depending on the temperature it was grown in. The aromas are extremely dank and the taste profile is fruity yet earthy.

Zaza Strain Effects

Since Zaza is bred by crossing Blue Dream and Rare Dankness #1, it’s effects could best be explained by understanding what it’s parent strains feel like.

Blue Dream is a Sativa-dominant hybrid, with users reporting a cerebral focused experience and full-body relaxation. It has been known for its berry-like taste and smell.

On the other hand, Rare Dankness #1 is an Indica strain with users reporting relaxed effects. Sage and berry like aromas/taste.

When they both come together to produce Zaza, the sativa effects from Blue Dream and the indica effects from Rare Dankness #1 provide a balanced but deeper body-relaxation experience. You might expect a “couch lock” and increased appetite. On average, the THC content is around 19-21%.

Zaza Strain Terpenes

The Zaza strain gets its delicious flavors from its terpenes: Carene (it’s citrus flavor), and Bisabolol (it’s gassy, earthy flavor).

Carene is responsible for reducing inflammation, promoting memory retention, and alertness. It is also responsible for causing red eyes and dry mouth.

Bisabolol is known for its anti-anxiety, anti-depression, and body relaxing effects.

All in all, if you’re looking to try an immensely flavorful yet potent strain, we highly recommend trying out some Zaza!

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