Most of the products that are created from hemp mainly use the seeds, leaves, stems, or flowering tops of the plants. One of the active constituents of hemp are cannabinoids. Alone there are over 60 compounds of hemp, and among them, cannabinol (CBN) and cannabigerol (CBG) are very popular. 

Both CBG and CBN have similar manufacturing processes—however, their natural occurrence is very different from each other. Despite the fact that both of them are synthesized by utilizing hemp plants, their state of occurrence draws a line of difference between them. 

So, those who are curious about the difference between the CBN and CBG are welcome! In this article, we’ll share a detailed comparison between CBG and CBN. Let’s dive right into it!


Here are some key differences between CBG and CBN that you should know!

The Natural Occurrence of CBG and CBN

If you’ve studied the main compounds of hemp, you’ll probably know the difference in their natural occurrence. If not, then we got you! CBG is generated from CBGA (cannabigerolic acid), the mother of all cannabinoids. The reason for the title given to CBGA is that it is the accelerator or building block for all the cannabinoids. 

CBG is later converted into CBC, THC, and CBD, which solely depends upon the number of enzymes involved in the production of the compounds. In addition, users claim that it is best to harvest mature hemp plants earlier to bring higher yields of CBD. The reason behind the quick harvesting is that CBD is found in small amounts in the hemp plants, so for max cultivation, quick harvest becomes necessary.

On the other hand, CBN degradation takes plenty of time. The aged hemp shows a significant amount of CBN than the freshly harvested ones. That being the case, for maximum cultivation, we switch to long-time harvest.

Another difference between CBN and CBG is that the plant is intentionally exposed to sunlight while synthesizing CBN to fasten the degradation process. 

The difference in the Effects of CBG and CBN

ECS is the cell-signaling system that is found in cannabinoid compounds. Both CBN and CBG act on the same receptors in ECS, which are CB1 and CB2. Yet, they’ve reportedly shown different effects on the users. 

The consumers of CBG have claimed that CBG gives them a boost of energy and power. They found it similar to coffee, as the consumers majorly found the effect of refreshing and clearheadedness in it. 

That being the case, people use CBG for studying and working as it replenishes them and boosts their energy levels. 

On the contrary, CBN, unlike CBG, can induce psychoactive effects on the consumer. Due to its sedating and relaxing properties, CBN is fairly used as a remarkable sleeping aid.

The difference in Legal Authentication of CBG and CBN

The natural occurrence of CBG and CBN brings the difference in the legal status of the two. The CBG compound is synthesized by under-ripe hemp plants. So, as hemp and its derivatives have a legal status for selling, purchasing CBG is legally approved. 

Moreover, the under-ripe hemp plants tend to have at most 0.35% THC, which proves that they are a safer choice. But the case with CBN is totally different. 

The degradation of THC synthesizes CBN. Due to the significant quantity of THC, CBN has a grayish legal purchase status. It is only allowed in several states, while banned from the rest.

The Difference in Availability of CBG and CBN in the Market

Due to their legal status, you’ll be able to see the difference in the market availability of these two cannabinoid compounds. CBG is not found in major markets like coffee. So, you’ll have to struggle to find CBG products. 

The struggle to find CBG products is way lesser than that to find CBN. The legal status of CBN makes it the hardest to find, and you’ll only find it in a few states, which makes online purchasing at sites like D8 Gas extremely convenient.

The Difference in Dosage of CBG and CBN

No dosage charts available can prove that there is a difference in the dosage of these two cannabinoid compounds. To be on the safe side, it is advised to initiate the use of both compounds from a very mild dose, like 5mg. 

Moreover, the abundance of CBG and CBN may give rise to side effects. That’s why a mild dose will be the best choice!


CBN and CBG are beneficial compounds of cannabinoids and share significant differences. We hope our research helped you conclude the difference between the two. By reading this article, you may have gotten a clear view of the distinction between the two. Whether it is market availability or their legal status, we tried our best to enlighten you with it!

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