You possibly ended up on this article because you might have heard about Tetrahydrocannabivarin – better known as THC-V, and wanted to know what it was.

If this is the case, congratulations! – you have landed on the right page. Below, we have gathered everything that you should know or would want to know about THC-V, how it differs from its previous counterparts, and what benefits it might provide. So, hop on below and discover the world of the hemp cannabinoid and decipher for yourself whether it is worth your buy or not.

What is THC-V?

THC-V is a minor-concentration cannabinoid. This means this compound is found in lower concentrations than some of its major counterparts, like THC or CBD.

This product is found in cannabis or hemp plants and can be consumed as plant material or through oil-formulated isolated extracts.

THC-V induces its effects on the body by interacting with the CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors. With its name, interactions, effects, structure, and even part of its name similar to that of THC, many people believe that the two compounds cannot be more alike. However, that is far from the truth.

While not as popular as THC, the THC-V provides pronounced and majorly different effects than the latter. Want to know what these differences are? Hop on below to find out. 

THC-V vs. THC – The Major Differences You Cannot Avoid

Unsurprisingly, many people confuse THC-V and THC. Given the only difference of one letter in their name, and the structural formula so similar that its minor difference might fly over non-chemistry geek heads, the two compounds are almost the same.

However, the minor differences that these two holds play a significant role in the different effects they produce.

The THC-V and THC are almost similar in structure, with the only difference in their grouping. One product has a propyl group attached, while the other functions on the pentyl mechanism.      

Both of these act of the Cannabinoid receptor CB1 as well; however, while THC-V blocks the site of the receptor, the THC activates it. This is one primary reason why THC-V is stated to be an anti-suppressant.

The boiling point of the two compounds majorly differs too. However, all this cannot be very clear to so many. Hence, if you can’t get a grip on all the differences stated here, don’t worry. The concluded differential grid will help you in this case.

Blocks CB1 ReceptorInteracts with CB1 Receptors
Reduced Panic AttackCan Induce Paranoia/Anxiety
Higher Boling Point (220 C)Lower Boiling Point (157 C)
Hits HarderLong Lasting Effects
Appetite SuppressantAppetite Stimulant

The Potential Beneficial Effects Associated with THC-V

THC-V isn’t only used as a relief product for medical marijuana patients or casual customers chasing some special effects. This cannabis compound holds several potentially significant benefits. Some of these excellent user reported pros are mentioned below:

  1. Reduced Blood Sugar Level

High blood sugar levels directly associate with several medical conditions like stroke, diabetes, and even heart disease. Hence, keeping your blood sugar levels at bay is another crucial aspect.

Users have reported low blood sugar levels since they started using THC-V. However, scientific claims on whether these reductions are directly made from THC-V or something else cannot be made. This is because the study for glucose testing upon the induction of THC-V was done on mice, and no evidence of humans testing is present as of yet.

  1. THCV and Focus

According to research, this cannabis produces the “tunnel effect.” Those who take up THC-V often describe its acute effects as energizing help in boosting their productivity levels and enhancing their concentration span.

It tunes you into a deeper flow of what you are working on. With the basic primary processing taking up a significant part of your concentration, the outside world focuses out of your consciousness, enabling you to focus solely on your task.

  1. Bone Growth Stimulation

According to researchers, THC-V can help stimulate bone nodule formation and collagen production. This, in turn, can help stimulate bone growth because it produces new bone cells.

However, what needs to be remembered is that the testing for bone growth stimulation isn’t tested on humans but on mice. Hence, while scientists remain hopeful that it works on the human species just the same, it is something they still need to be assured of.

Will THC-V get you high?

However, THC-V can get you high only if consumed in higher doses. The THC-V psychoactive properties aren’t direct. With the compound working on the CB1 receptors, they act to block the receptors. This means that THC-V is an antagonist in low doses at this receptor site and doesn’t produce psychoactive effects in low doses.

While it might give the same outcome relief as THC, the consumer remains clear-headed and doesn’t get high.

However, the dosage has a limit. If exceeded above 30mg on consumption, the THC-V can start showing opposite results and might make the consumer get “high”. 

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