Since 2018, many cannabinoids have come forth due to the Farm Bill. It revolutionized cannabinoids, and THC-O is one of the newest cannabinoids on record. It is a synthetic cannabinoid made by extracting and synthesizing delta 9 THC from hemp plants. It is several times stronger than regular THC.

Delta 9 and THC-O have a lot in common, but it is right to wonder if different names must have something contrasting. Read the article to know where the difference lies.

What is THC-O?

It is less known than delta-9 but is a prominent part of the THC analog. THC-O is made through a unique process known as isomerization. Usually, the process begins with hemp harvesting and then is processed to create a strong CBD extract. Through the series of processes, CBD is transformed into delta-8 and then THCO.

This compound has higher bioavailability than other THC, making it convenient for the body to utilize THCO. However, it is a stronger compound three times more potent than regular THC.

What are the Effects of THC-O?

THCO has notable effects when consumed. It is well known for causing nearly psychedelic effects, but it takes longer to start showing impact. The consumers usually report experiencing euphoria and heightened sensory perception.

Will THC-O Show Up in Drug Tests?

THCO is a THC derivative; however, it can appear on the drug test. There are even good chances that the THCO will be easier to detect than delta-8 or delta-9 due to high potency. If you are often drug tested, it is suggested to avoid consuming any THC derivative.

Comparison between THC-O vs. Delta-9

When it comes to THC, plenty of confusion surrounds the person. The different deltas combined with the rise of THCO have made this subject even more complex. To eliminate all confusion, let’s take a quick look at how THCO differs from delta-9.

Extraction Process

Both compounds are extracted from hemp plants, making them federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. Delta-9 is allowed for a quantity less than 0.3%. On the other hand, THCO is legal at any milligram level. 

Anyhow, delta-9 can conveniently be extracted from hemp, but the THCO extraction process is a bit complex. Firstly, CBD is transformed to delta 8 and goes through an acetylation process, and then converted into THCO.

Chemical Structure

The chemical difference between delta-9 and THCO begins in the production of the compounds. Delta-9 is a naturally occurring compound present in hemp. On the contrary, THCO is a hemp derivative that can only be produced in the lab through the acetylation process.

In simple words, the chemical difference between both compounds lies in their availability. THCO’s chemical structure is similar to THC but not identical due to the absence of organic elements.


The THCO is three to four times stronger than Delta-9 products. So, it is logical that those seeking an enjoyable experience should go for THCO. These products cause a person to get high, making the consumer feel content and euphoric.

The potency test reveals that the delta-9 also gives enjoyable highs but is also used for purposes beyond enjoyment. People dealing with health problems ranging from insufficient appetite, nausea, as well as addiction can take the help of delta-9 to recover from these problems.


Determining the ideal delta-9 dosage depends on your tolerance level and what type of experience you are expecting. On Average, 2.5 to 5 milligrams of delta-9 is enough for many people, but old players can increase it to 10 to 25 milligrams.

Potency tests and user experience have proved that THCO is three times stronger than delta-9. That is why you should keep the dose as low as 1.5. If you have experience with cannabinoids, you can choose a high dose from 7.5 mg to 25 mg.


It is believed that cannabinoids and their products are illegal. Contrary to this popular belief, THCO is completely legal, which is obtained through the hemp extraction process. However, this derivative is not analyzed to the same extent as other compounds. It has the legality tag due to process, but it is particularly used for a pleasurable experience.

On the other hand, delta 9 is also legal. The nuances of the laws pertaining to delta-9 THC are different in every state. Federal laws do not allow exclusive use of THC derived from cannabis plants, but many states allow using it in the context of recreational and medical use.


Both compounds can be used in different ways. However, how long it takes to feel the feeling and how long you retain it depends on the method of consumption. In case you are inhaling the cannabinoids through a vaping or electronic dab rig, it can take 15 minutes to show the effects. On the other hand, edibles can take anywhere from half to a full hour according to your body’s metabolism.

Is It Safe to Mix THC-O and Delta-9?

Mixing THCO and Delta-9 is similar to cannabinoids. You can conveniently mix THCO with delta-9 to create the required formula as well as experience. You can take effects one step ahead by infusing terpenes to have more complex and euphoric effects. Combining terpenes and cannabinoids gives the experience of smoking natural flowers.


THCO is a synthetic cannabinoid that is prepared by combining acetate with delta-9. Both have a great impact on the human brain, but THCO is more potent.

THCO is only used for the pleasure experience, but delta-9 also plays a great role in the medical industry to relieve some conditions. Both compounds are derived from hemp, so they fall in the legal gray area. You can choose any according to your requirement, but remember to keep the dose low if it is your first time.

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