THC-JD: An Introduction

THC-JD (Tetrahydrocannibioctyl) is an isomer of THC in naturally occurring cannabis, including Marijuana and hemp.

This cannabinoid is extremely rare, so there has been scarce research on it. Most of the hypothesis about this rare cannabinoid is theoretical without any practical proof or evidence.

THC-JD came onto the scene recently in 2020. This statement symbolizes that we learn less about the rare cannabinoids in nature.

The data about THC-JD is so rare that even if you type specific terms of THC-JD, you won’t get reliable and abundant information. No one can if the internet cannot give you comprehensive information about a rare substance.

THC VS. THC-JD: Which is Stronger

Well, if you have tried THC, you will be content to know that the THC-JD is approximately 18-20 times stronger than the usual THC. Now, this data is not proven by lab results. It is understandable as the discovery is recent. It may take some time before we can give the above statement with more authority.

However, the THC-JD may be too intense for casual THC users. It would be best if you don’t step up the game in one go. According to the general assumption, THC-JD is not the most intense cannabinoid but lies above Delta 9 and below THCP (Tetrahydrocannabiphorol).

However, THCJD has the most significant number of carbon sidechains compared to any other cannabinoid. Maybe, THCJD is the strongest among them all.

Again, no pinpoint theoretical work tells us that the THC-JD is much more potent than the THC.

You are in for an upgrade over THC, but hold up! Is THC-JD legal? That is a very critical question that we will answer for you.

The most extensive search apart from what is THC-JD is the question of its legality. The answer to whether it is legal or not lies in the process of extracting it. THCJD can be extracted from cannabis and hemp. Hemp has lower THCJD than a certain level.

Therefore, it must be legal if extracted from hemp, right? However, we cannot make any substantial comment as the legality is still unclear.

The answer is yes and no. The source of THC-JD decides whether it is legal or not. If extracted from Marijuana, you would only be able to purchase it from the dispensaries in the states where weed is legal. However, if the source is hemp, the law that makes it legal.

The bottom line about the legality of THC-JD is that it cannot contain 0.3% of THC (Delta 9).

Is THCJD Found Naturally?

Yes, THCJD is a 100 percent naturally occurring compound. It is not prepared in labs. It is present in cannabis and hemp plants.

Benefits and Side Effects of THC-JD

If you use a vape with THC and enjoy it, THC-JD might be a game changer. The impression of THC-JD is powerful. People have reported that everything that happens to you after taking THC will happen more intensely with the THC-JD.

The straightforward interpretation of this statement is specific. If you are a THC enthusiast, it would be an upgrade for you to use THC-JD. The THC-JD will give you more intense feelings, and you will definitely get lost in the fun.

The user reported benefits/feelings associated with using THCJD are:

  • Happiness
  • Physical/Mental Relief
  • Extreme Joy
  • Calmness

However, don’t get yourself too excited just now. The side effects of THC-JD are also present, just like any other cannabinoid. The side effects will start taking over if you become uncareful with THC-JD and start taking it without any precautions. The side effects of THC-JD include:

  • Lack of focus
  • Stress
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea and Paranoia

These symptoms may vary from person to person. Some people may experience symptoms other than those mentioned above. There are still many aspects to what is THC-JD that will uncover one by one as time passes and more and more research happens on this rare cannabinoid.

Drug Test Result: Will THC-JD Show Up on a Drug Test?

Another curious search on the internet is about the result of THC-JD in drug tests. Does it show up or does it not?

All the products containing THC will show up and give a positive result on a drug test. Therefore, even if there is no solid statement indicating that it would show a positive result on a drug test, you should think that using THC-JD would show a positive result.

The problem with drug tests is that you cannot differentiate the source of THC-JD from the drug test. The drug test is only concerned with finding out the presence of THC products in your blood. It doesn’t care about the source, Marijuana or Hemp.

If you have a drug test that you need to be clear of any time soon, stop using THC-JD and other THC products immediately.

Where Can You Get THCJD Products?

The big question is, where can you find the products containing THC-JD?

The products that contain THCJD are gummies, infused joints, vape pens, and pods. As THCJD is a pretty recent discovery, there is not a lot of abundance of THCJD products in the market. However, there are a few places where you can get THCJD products- such as D8Gas.

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