If you are someone who is deeply into the cannabis world, there is a possibility that you might have heard about live resin delta 8. This possibility is probably what brought you to this article.

If you are someone who is trying to figure out “what is live resin delta 8?” and what benefits it brings that it has taken the cannabis world by storm, then you have landed at the right place.

Below we have gathered everything you need to know about live resin delta 8 and how it might benefit you.

Live Resin Delta 8 – What is it all About?

When the cannabis or hemp plant is extracted to form tinctures or disposables, some elements from this abundance do not survive to form the oil or hash components. Hence, the method of live resin is used to preserve these extracts before they get lost. The method was standard in the cannabis department; however, it was unheard of for hemp-derived THCs until very recently.

So, in short, live resin is a concentrate that will preserve the taste and smell of the plant, which the typical extraction methods fail to do. This extraction method is new but has taken the cannabinoid world by storm. 

Considering it retains an excellent taste and unique flavor profile, all while ensuring to deliver a better high to users, it is not surprising that this extraction procedure has gotten so much fame.

Want to know how live resin delta 8 is made? Hop on below to find out.

How is Live Resin Delta 8 Made?

To make live resin delta 8, instead of trimming and drying, manufacturers make the live resin concentrate by freezing a batch of fresh hemp flower before and after the extraction.

The freezing method helps preserve the plant’s terpene profile, which holds the plant’s aroma and taste. Compared to this, the typical extraction that requires trimming and drying of the flower causes the terpene to not only get lost in cutting, but the exposure to the sun and heat causes it to degrade even more.

The hemp plant is frozen immediately after harvest in the live resin extraction method. This ensures that the integrity of the trichomes is saved and the buds retain its flavor and smell.

While the flavor and smell are beneficial, the live resin methodology is more time-saving than the cutting and drying method.

Now that you know what live resin extraction is, how about learning some of the fantastic benefits of live resin delta 8?

What are the Benefits of Live Resin Delta 8?

Live Resin is one of the most recent extraction methods in the cannabinoid world. However, its development and usage with Delta 8 have brought a positive response and incredibly excellent benefits. Want to know what some of these benefits are? We’ve mentioned them to you down below.

  1. Flavorful and Aromatic

As mentioned above, the live resin method isn’t like your typical extraction, which requires cutting or drying the hemp or cannabis plant. Instead, the plant, soon after extraction, is frozen, which secures its terpene and ensures that the smell and flavor remain intact.

Hence, the concentrate you will receive will be a better one through this method.

  1. Increases its Potency

When we freeze the hemp flower after extraction rather than freezing, it secures the smell and enhances the potency.

Delta-8 THC becomes stronger, given it works on the CNB content. The usually lost CNB content is also re-preserved with the extraction being preserved, ensuring that the potency enhances even more.

Therefore, the Delta 8 produced with the live resin extraction ensures that the potency of the THC 8 increases even more than before. This will ensure that the effects of the cannabinoid are instant and give users instant relief.

  1. Legal in Most Parts

The best part about live resin delta 8 is that similar to a typically extracted delta 8; this version is also completely legal.

The cannabinoid is safe and has been declared legal use in all 50 states of America. However, we’d recommend you check it with your local and state laws.

  1. Cost-Effective

Delta 8 is already cost-effective in terms of purchase because its manufacturing isn’t costly. However, the cost becomes even better with the live resin delta eight extractions. This is because the live resin method is quicker and cheaper than the typical one and produces more beneficial results.

Hence, its purchase becomes cost-effective too.

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