We are all aware of the increase in the usage of cannabinoids, and the list of cannabinoids has caught the eyes of scientific communities and people who like to use cannabinoids in daily life. Recently, cannabicycol, more commonly called CBL, has gained much popularity because of its unique structure and excellent therapeutic abilities.

Cannabicyclol is a rare cannabinoid found in small amounts in hemp plants and marijuana. If you are looking for a place to find a little more information on this mysterious cannabinoid, then look no further! Here we have mentioned all the details that a person needs to know to understand what CBL is. Let’s dive into the article and have a look at it.

What is CBL?

The reason for calling this cannabinoid mysterious is that there is very little information on this type of cannabinoid. However, people now know a few things about it, like CBL is a non-intoxicating minor cannabinoid. It is also a photochemical product formed by cannabichromene (CBC) degradation when exposed to a light or acid environment. This is why CBL is found in trace amounts in trichomes and in the hemp plant only after harvesting.  

Korte and Sieper first discovered CBL in 1964 through a cannabis plant. CBL has been under our noses for quite a long time. However, only a little research has been done on it because of its small quantity. This makes CBL a rare, unique, and stable molecule.

One thing that scientists have found is that CBL has a very similar structure to CBN. The only difference between the two is that CBL lacks the double bond that makes CBN a psychoactive molecule. Due to the lack of the double-bonds, CBL is not a psychoactive molecule, but it is seen to have effects on the endocannabinoid system.

Is CBL Synthetic?

As mentioned above, CBL is a phytocannabinoid; this shows that it occurs naturally. Even though CBL is found in marijuana and hemp plants, they don’t produce it directly in the life cycle, but that does not mean they are synthetic.  

The THC and CBC are naturally occurring compounds in marijuana and hemp plants that are later exposed to sunlight and turn into CBL. Therefore, CBL is indirectly a natural product made by marijuana and hemp plants. 

It is seen that the older plants have a higher concentration of CBL than the younger plants because the formation and the breaking down of these CBC molecules take time.

What’s the Difference Between CBD and CBL?

CBD or more commonly known as cannabidiol is found in more considerable amounts as compared to CBL. It is only found in strains with a high concentration of CBC that later become CBL. Another difference between these two molecules is the sale of these compounds. You will find that most of the products revolve around CBD since it is generously found. On the other hand, you will find very few products that have CBL as an active product because it is tough to create things from this minor molecule.

Potential Benefits of CBL:

We all are aware that cannabinoids, in general, have a lot of benefits if taken in the correct manner. Similarly, CBL also has potential uses, according to the studies that have been done until now. So let’s have a look at them.

  1. Non-Psychoactive Properties:  

CBN has double bonds in the molecular structure, which is slightly sedative and has psychoactive effects, but CBL does not have double bonds; therefore, it does not affect the body’s normal physiology. Hence, it is considered a non-psychoactive molecule based on the research.

  1. Anti-Inflammatory Abilities:

CBC, CBN, and CBL are very much similar in their structure. CBN and CBC are both considered anti-inflammatory and antibacterial molecules. Therefore, it is seen that CBL also has the same anti-inflammatory effects that protects your body and suppresses autoimmune disorders, such as Lupus.

  1. Antiemetic Properties:

It is also seen that cannabicyclol has antiemetic properties. This means it reduces the feeling of nausea and also prevents other symptoms that are associated with different diseases and chemotherapy.

  1. Appetite Booster:

Different types of cannabinoids and hemp molecules are known to increase appetite; the same goes for CBL. This is helpful for people suffering from eating disorders and weakening diseases as it boosts hunger and tempts them to eat more.

  1. Reduces Anxiety:

According to the researcher, CBL helps with anxiety. It improves the chemical production in the brain by activating the endocannabinoids that help with reducing stress and anxiety. It also eases mental distress, depression, and mood swings.

  1. Enhances Sleep Activity:

The sleep cycle is very important to feel energetic and happy. CBL induces a sluggish feeling and makes a person drowsy. It helps to calm your brain and allows your brain function to reduce, affecting your sleep and allowing you to sleep peacefully.

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Wrapping It Up

CBL is not something that every person knows about. Because of its trace amounts, there are only a few products that you can find based on it. However, we hope this brief yet comprehensive article helped you understand what is CBL, how it’s different from CBD, how you can benefit from it, and more. On giving it a quick read, you can clarify all your confusions and find answer to the queries popping in your mind about the CBL.

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