The term “concentrate” have several meanings but it generally refers to a substance that has been made by removing other substances or impurities and increasing the amount of its active components than original material.

In the context of cannabis, concentrates are made by extracting the active components from the hemp plant such as CBD, THC and terpenes. The main goal is to keep or extract the popular elements(CBD, THC and Terpenes) that affects its potency, flavour and aroma. These cannabis concentrates contain higher amount of THC, CBD and terpenes and are generally much more potent.

How cannabis concentrates are made?

Concentrates are made by extracting the active components such as CBD, THC and terpenes from the cannabis plant and concentrate them further to increase its potency. There are effectively two methods to create concentrates: solvent less and solvent-based, both extraction methods create unique concentrates.

1. Solventless Extraction
2. Solvent-Based Extraction

Once the active compounds such as THC and CBD is extracted and further concentrated the resulting products can take various forms like: shatter, tincture, wax, crumble, Live Resin and oil.

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Types of Extraction Method of Cannabis

Each type of concentrate has its own unique properties like flavours and effects, and the method of extraction can also affect the potency, flavour, aroma and consistency of the final product. Let’s explore the different types of concentrates extraction methods.

Solventless Extraction:

Solventless extractions method refers a type of cannabis extraction that is made without the solvent/chemicals such ethanol, CO2 and butane. Instead, physical and mechanical methods are used to separate the trichomes(resin glands that decorate the surface of marijuana leaves and flower buds) from the cannabis plant that are rich in cannabinoids.

For an example: Dry Sift is a solvent-less extraction method where cannabis plants are shaken through a series of screen in order fetch out the trichome heads as the final product.

Solvent less concentrates are popular amongst cannabis user because these concentrates are safer and cleaner alternative to solvent-based concentrates. On the top of that, these concentrates have natural flavour and aroma, as well as full spectrum cannabinoid and terpene profile. One of the downsides of this method is more labour-intensive and time-consuming than solvent-based extraction.

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Solvent-Based Extraction:

This method refers to the extraction of active compounds(THC, CBD, and Terpenes) from the trichome gland using liquid solvents such as ethanol, butane, or CO2. The process typically involves breaking down the cannabis plant into pieces and placing it into the container running the solvent through the plant material to extract the active compounds. Collecting the solvent and the extracted compounds typically through evaporation or distillation. Purging the extract and ensuring no solvent remains which can be harmful if not being carried out properly. That’s the main reason you should buy concentrates from a reputable online store like D8 GAS where all the products are lab-tested and quality guaranteed.

Many consumers consider solvent less concentrates because of the organic and safety concerns as they contains no traces of solvents.

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Types of Cannabis Concentrates:

There are several types of cannabis concentrates and each has its own unique properties and effects which might have come across.

Distillate oil

A concentrated oil that is highly potent sometimes as high as 99% THC, which continues to be refined to contain only THC and CBD. This pure concentrate doesn’t produce flavor in the absence of terpenes. Distillates are used in disposable vape pens and vape cartridges where terpenes are added to give the flavors.


Shatter is a type of thin, brittle concentrate and has glass-like consistency. The concentrate provides decent flavor and potency sometimes as high as 60-80% depending on the quality.


Wax is similar to shatter but has a much softer, waxy, and crumbly texture that can be smoked, vaporized, or dabbed.

Live Resin

We had talked about Live resin in detail, it is a type of concentrate that is made by freezing the hemp/cannabis plant material before extraction. In this process, terpenes and other volatile compounds are preserved, which gives Live resin aroma and flavor.


Budder, Batter, or Badder, is a type of cannabis concentrate that has a creamier, softer texture than wax concentrate. The creamier, fluffy, or butter-like consistency smells great, which is considered to be an easier texture for dabbing.


A crumbly concentrate, sometimes known as honeycomb wax, is much easier to handle and has a consistency similar to cheese.


Also known as Hash, a type of cannabis concentrate very similar to marijuana flower, made by collecting and compressing trichomes by a marijuana plant. It’s much more potent than marijuana because of the high concentration of active compounds.


A type of concentrate that has a liquid consistency kind of resembles apple sauce with high terpene content which makes it a tastier concentrate. Sauce concentrate is perfect for those who want flavor over potency.


Kief Concentrate is a powdery concentrate that has lower THC content perfect for those who want mild potency. It is made by removing the trichome crystals from the plant through dry sift and collecting.


As the name suggests, this concentrate made from crystalline diamonds consists of crystallized THC and has a low terpene profile, but is highly potent.


This is a solventless concentrate made by applying heat and pressure. It has a syrup-like texture with deep yellow color, which keeps the terpene profile of the plant.

CO2 Oil

It is a concentrate made by CO2 solvent that produces a clean extract.


Concentrates are made using butane and propane solvent.

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What’s the difference between an Extract and a Concentrate?

In the Cannabis industry the terms “extract” and “concentrates” are used interchangeably but there is a subtle difference between cannabis extracts and cannabis concentrates.

The extract is a substance that has been removed from plant material using a solvent-based or solventless extraction method. This process separates the active compounds from the rest plant material. While concentrate is a type of extract that is further refined to remove impurities, and increase the potency and the concentration.

How Cannabis concentrates are consumed?

There are several ways to consume cannabis concentrates. Here are the methods:


This is one of the common methods to consume concentrated cannabis. Dabbing involves heating a concentrate to a temperature high enough that it vaporizes which can be inhaled through a mouthpiece to the dab rig or a vaporizer. Dabbing is popular for its potency the immediate effect that takes no time to get you ‘high’.


Vaporizers are used in this method, heat is applied to the nail in order to create vapor from the concentrates that can be inhaled through a mouthpiece.

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Many people prefer edibles made from cannabis concentrates over other concentrate consumption because edibles are an easy way to consume, it requires no extra equipment cost. Edibles take time usually an hour or two to produce the effect but the duration is long-lasting and more intense high.


A concentrate in liquid form is made by soaking concentrates in alcohol. Tinctures are a popular method of consuming concentrates just by placing a few drops of tinctures under the tongue or adding it to food & beverages. Then it


Cannabis concentrates are also available in topical options, and come in creams or balms form which can directly be applied to the skin and can provide anti-inflammatory effects.


Inhaling concentrate is the popular method that produces a fast and potent ‘high’. Cannabis concentrates come in pre-filled/pre-loaded vape pens or vape cartridges which can be inhaled through a mouthpiece. Disposable vape devices can’t be refilled once whereas cartridges can be filled and re-filled again.

Where can you purchase Cannabis Concentrates?

When it comes to purchasing cannabis concentrates, it’s important to look for a reputable online store like D8 GAS. We carry quality, lab-tested, hemp-derived concentrates.

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