If you are a regular cannabis user, you may need to hold your horses every once in a while. But why do you need to take these temporary breaks? If cannabis is not working for you as it used to, you might have built a tolerance to it. Therefore, you need to go on regular breaks to enjoy the same mind-altering effects you experienced in the beginning. 

Developing a tolerance towards cannabinoids is a part of your cannabis journey. Over time, you may develop a high tolerance towards your favorite products after consuming it religiously. This may lead you to intake high doses to achieve the same psychoactive effects. However, that’s not the way to go. Taking higher doses of a substance just because it feels milder can burn a hole in your pocket. Additionally, it may take a toll on your physical and mental health. Therefore, it becomes necessary to reset your tolerance. 

What is tolerance ?

Tolerance in cannabis is when you experience diminished response to THC products after prolonged consumption. If you use a substance frequently without moderating its dosage, the body becomes less receptive to its effects. 

When you build a tolerance to cannabis, your body gets accustomed to the effects that initially felt more intense. In this case, some tend to increase the dosage to achieve the desired results. However, increasing dosage quite frequently can have side effects and potential addiction. 

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How do you develop tolerance in Cannabis? 

THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive compound that is responsible for making you feel high. It affects the cannabinoid type 1 (CB1) receptors in the brain. These CBD receptors are reduced over time if you frequently partake in cannabis consumption. In other words, the same THC will not affect the CB1 receptors the same, and you will experience fewer psychoactive effects. 

With the increased usage of the substance, there may be fewer receptors available that produce the “high”. So, you will turn to consume more THC to get the same buzz you used to. That’s how you develop tolerance.

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Building tolerance to cannabis means exposing yourself to it quite frequently. Tolerance to cannabis generally occurs when the body becomes accustomed to its effects, leading to a decreased response to the same amount of the substance. Developing a tolerance depends on several factors. A few are mentioned below: 

  1. Frequent consumption: The consistent use of cannabis can lead to tolerance development in the body over time. The more the use, the lesser the effect. 
  2. Increasing dosage: You are likely to build a tolerance if you frequently increase the potency. It is because the body becomes accustomed and requires more to produce the same effect. 
  3. Method of consumption: The method of consumption also plays a vital role in affecting your tolerance. For example, vaping is one way to inhale hemp-derived products quickly into your body. But it may be habit forming in some. Edibles take time to get you “high” but duration, However, their effects last longer than disposable vapes/cartridges.
  4. Personal biology: Sometimes genetics play an important role and lead to developing tolerance to cannabis or other substances. 

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What is a T-Break or tolerance break in Cannabis? 

A “T-break” or tolerance break in cannabis or  is a span of abstinence in which an individual does not participate in intaking cannabis to reduce tolerance to the substance. During a T-break, individual temperances from ingesting cannabis for a certain period, allowing the body to reset and reduce the tolerance. 

T-breaks come with plenty of benefits. Moderating your cannabis use with frequent breaks helps you not develop an addiction. It also minimizes your dependency on THC to feel good and euphoric. 

Tolerance breaks in cannabis also enable you to experience better results with your current regimen. It will help you gain the maximum out of your cannabis intake and you may get the desired result in fewer dosages. Saving you some extra bucks there. 

When to take a tolerance break?

A cannabis break comes into the picture when you don’t get the desired result and have to seek excess dosage to experience the same effects. A break is a time span in which you stop consuming THC products and give your CBD1 receptors some time to reset. But when should you take a tolerance break? 

You should take a tolerance break if you are not experiencing the same intensity of his you used to with similar substances. 

Consider taking a T-break if you are using higher doses or more potent substances to feel the same high. 

If the effect of THC wears off quickly, it’s definitely time to take a T-break. 

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How long does a T-break last? 

There are many factors that will constitute the duration of your T-break. If you are a daily THC user, you are expected to have a higher tolerance level and in this situation you need to take a break for 3-4 weeks. 

For someone who is not a frequent user but occasionally gets involved in consumption ( say once a week), a T-break should last for 10-15 days. 

How to reset your tolerance in Cannabis? 

If you wish to reset your tolerance, you need to take a break from using cannabis or cannabis-infused products. We know it’s hard but it’s necessary. Below, we are mentioning some measures that you can practice to reset your tolerance: 

Proactively follow T-break: There should not be a cheat day if you are hell-bent on resetting your tolerance. The smarter move would be to set a realistic timeline for your T-break. 

Put self-care first: You can indulge in activities that make you happier. If skincare makes you happy, go for it. Fans of binge-watching can turn to Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. Basically, try anything that keeps your mind off of consuming cannabis. This can also include exercise, meditation, family trips, and getting enough slip. 

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Stay hydrated: Keep yourself hydrated as water can help flush out the toxins from your symptom. It will also reduce the withdrawal symptom, along with resetting the tolerance at a quicker rate. 

Reintroduce cannabis slowly: After the T-break, start with a smaller dose of cannabis to reintroduce it in your regimen. You can also give a try to non-psychoactive CBD products.

It’s noteworthy that developing tolerance to cannabis increases health hazards. It’s recommended to regulate your cannabis dosage and reset your tolerance from time to time. If you have other concerns about your cannabis tolerance, you can also turn to professional help. 

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