The Miami Haze, named after the Miami Heat basketball team, is a unique, extremely high Sativa-dominant strain that is gaining popularity quickly. It is 70% sativa and 30% indica. It is a descendant of the original Haze strain, which was found in the 1960s. It is a crossbreed of the incredible strains Mexican Sativa, Colombian Landrace, and Indian Landrace (Haze derogatory).

What is the Miami Haze strain?

It would be essential to first study about Miami Haze’s parent strains in order to comprehend it completely. The sativa-dominant hybrid Mexican Sativa, is a Mexican landrace strain. The term “landrace” refers to a strain that has never been crossed. Users describe an energizing, focused effect with a flavor and scent similar to wood.

Colombian Landrace, commonly known as Colombian Gold, is an original strain from which some of the most well-known varieties, like AK-47, Haze, and Skunk, have been bred from. It is a 100 percent Sativa strain that has a very euphoric impact.

Indian Landrace, often known as North Indian, is a completely indica strain with a flavor profile that is reminiscent of tea and the tropics. Most users report improved hunger, a lighter stomach, relief from insomnia, and profound relaxation.

The sought-after Miami Haze is created when these buds combine; when smoked, it has a powerful mixture of all three flavors.

Miami Haze Appearance

Miami Haze buds have vivid orange pistils and an emerald green color. They are also very fluffy and loaded with trichomes. By using cooler temperatures during the growth phase, some growers are able to give the nugs some purple undertones.

When exhaled, the flavor of this strain is reminiscent of blueberries and menthol, while the aroma is earthy and peppery. It will undoubtedly make everyone around you want to take a hit!

Miami Haze Strain Effects

Users of Miami Haze experience relief from stress and anxiety thanks to the strains head-calming properties. Your first hit will start with a blow to the head that will make you focused and ecstatic. This won’t last long, though, as its indica side will soon have you sofa bound and prepared for relaxation.

Miami Haze Terpenes

The three main terpenes in this strain are caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene. Let’s dissect them!

Limonene: in charge of exhilaration, lowered stress levels, and improved mood. Has a citrusy, delicious flavor.
Myrcene: a powerful muscle relaxant best known for its “couch-lock” effect. Has a woody, earthy flavor.
Caryophyllene: relieves anxiety, pain, and is a potential seizure treatment. Is spicy in flavor.

Miami Haze Products

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