Medusa Delta 8, which was created in San Francisco, California, holds the title of the best-selling knockout products in the entire hemp industry. The same top-tier, pure hemp extracts that helped them win that title are used in all of their amazing collections, which range from smokables to edibles.

For all of their products, they employ industrial hemp plants that have been carefully grown and subjected to stringent selection and screening requirements. Medusa Delta 8 offers very low to zero fault rates for their products thanks to their cutting-edge technology- providing consistently reliable, strong hemp vaping experiences. You know what happens when you look at Medusa, imagine what consuming her does!

Medusa Delta 8 Authorized Retailer

We are extremely honored to announce that we are officially authorized retailers for all of Medusa’s products! Here at D8Gas, we are consistently checking our stock and making sure Medusa products are always in stock regarding the fact that all their goods are always flying off the shelves! Thanks to our outstanding fast shipping times, we can personally guarantee that all orders placed before 3 pm eastern time will be shipped out the same day, no matter the quantity.

Our team members at D8Gas work hard around the clock to keep a constant smile on our customers’ faces providing excellent customer service and rapid shipping. Here are some of our reviews regarding Medusa and D8Gas:


What is a Knockout Blend?

Medusa’s collections of knockout blends consist of 3 cannabinoids: delta 8, THC-O, and THC-P. When these three are infused into one product, they are able to provide an extremely potent experience. You’ll be surprised at the fact that their knockout blends consist of less than .3% of delta-9 THC since they are so effective. Different strain-specific terpenes are present in each device. So whether you prefer a Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid blend, Medusa offers products in the cartridge, disposable, and gummies form that are perfect for your specific needs. Listed below are their most sought-after knockout blend goods.

  • Medusa Knockout Gummies: These popular gummies come in 7 mouth-watering flavors such as Tropical Fusion, Sour Blue Razz, and Purple Grape. Each jar consists of a total of 2000mg of knockout blend cannabinoid infusions with 20 gummies at 100mg each. If you have a sweet tooth and love hemp, this product is for you!
  • Medusa Knockout Blend Cartridge 2g: Medusas’ knockout bend cartridges are infused with 2 grams of knockout blend cannabinoids. They provide an exceptionally delicious smoke and have the potency to match it. Ceramic coils are incorporated with these cartridges which assist in the proper heating of the distillate and provide smooth draws. Coming in 7 different flavor profiles such as Cereal Milk and Green Crack, we are positive you’ll find one to fall in love with.
  • Medusa Knockout Blend 2000mg Disposable: Medusas’ knockout blend disposables are one of the hottest selling products in the entire hemp market. These also come in 7 potent flavors like Apple Fritter and God’s Gift. With very little to no defect rates in their disposable devices, Medusa offers consistently effective products so that you don’t have to experience inconveniences like clogging or leaking. Simply open the package and draw puffs of potent infused extracts!
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