Live resin and Oleoresin are the two types of resin compounds that are well-known around the world. However, if you need to know what the two compounds are and what comparison aspects should be considered, then we might be of help.

The article below will help give you an overview of what these two compounds are and how they differ from each other. Hop on below to find out.

What are Live Resin and Oleoresin Extracts?

To understand the differences between live resin and Oleoresin, it is essential to learn about the two compounds individually first. Below we have concluded a brief overview of the two compounds and all the basics you should know about.

What is Live Resin?

Hemp concentrates are often named based on their textures and appearances. Some hemp compounds are waxy, some are brittle, some are thick, and some are battered in appearance.

By definition, live resin is a malleable concentrate – making it not too waxy or very liquid. Hence, the live resin overall texture sits ideally somewhere in between, not quite a taffy or too wet.

Live resin is yellow in color but, in several instances, can vary from light yellow to white. Besides being very sticky, the live resins hold a high potency when involved with a lot of THC. This is one reason why consumers love this compound’s taste and aroma, along with its overall effect on the mind and body.

What are the Benefits of Live Resin?

According to those who have tried it, the live resin has impeccable effects. However, before you jump into the benefits mentioned below, let us tell you one thing. All these benefits are user-reported, and scientific evidence of these benefits on humans has yet to be reported.

However, with many similar benefits reported by many users, some of the commonly found and believed benefits of live resins are:

Better and Stronger Terpene Flavor

Live resin is curated from fresh flowers instead of dried ones. Using fresh flowers ensures the protection of terpene in the plant, which eventually helps give it a better aroma and more robust flavor.

This is one reason why resin THCs live are chosen majorly by the users when compared to the other forms

Increased Potency

The protection of terpenes due to the use of fresh flowers also signifies a better potency in its use. Live resin products allow users a better potency, enhancing its effects and making users inclined towards its use more.

Better Value

The presence of live resin in any cannabinoid would enhance the bioavailability level of the product. This means each puff will offer a fuller effect and give you better results in lesser intakes. This way, not only would your puffs last long, but they provide you value in terms of usage and money.

Enhanced Chemical Stability

The fresh flowers used in the live resin enhance its chemical stability. Using fresh flowers and chemical stability will ensure that your product has a more excellent shelf life and is resilient to the environment.

Thicker Vapor

When vaping, people love to show off by exhaling thick clouds. If this is your case, live resin oils should become your choice of vape. The presence of live resin in vapes gives them a higher viscosity which ultimately helps create larger and thicker clouds on exhale.

What is Oleoresin?

Oleoresin is a naturally occurring resin and oil mixture extracted from various plants like pine, fir, and balsam.

Oleoresins are considered to be of highly soft variety and are being used to create a variety of other cannabinoids and products in the hemp world.

Benefits of Oleoresin

While not much is known about Oleoresin as of yet, several user reported benefits of this particular product have come through. Some of them are:

Helps with Anxiety and Depression

Users have reported that using Oleoresin in many products helps give a calm effect. This calm and relaxing aura eventually helps people with anxiety and depression with their nerves and gives them a sense of relief.

Reduce PTSD Symptoms

With users reporting decreased anxiety and senses of relief, it is possible that Oleoresin might help reduce the symptoms of PTSD in many patients who go through them.

Helps Decrease Pain

The use of Oleoresin is also believed to help decrease chronic, non-cancerous pain. The release of several calm-inducing hormones and providing relief, Oleoresin can also help people decrease their pain levels.

*There has been no statistical research conducted to support these supposed claims.

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The cannabinoid world is massive, and learning about each product type can be challenging. We hope this article on live resin and Oleoresin helped you understand the two compounds and how they differ.

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