If you’re someone who enjoys vaping, then every time you pick up your disposable, you’ll be looking forward to your experience while puffing. However, anything that obstructs that process can be very infuriating. That’s what a clog in your vape can make you feel. The leftover residue, the slow airflow, and multiple other things can all cause a poor vaping experience and also alter the taste of the flavored additives.

Even the most expensive of your vapes can occasionally undergo clogging issues. Now whether you are an experienced vaper or a newbie, you might not always be aware of how to solve such issues. So, to know how to fix a clogged cart and prevent it from occurring ever again, read this article till the end.

What is a ‘Cart’ in a Disposable Vape?

Clogged Disposable Vape

All disposable vapes have a compartment or chamber which is called a cartridge or ‘cart’. This is the part that holds your e-liquid or vape juice. It is fixed into the device in such a way that it is unreachable to the user, meaning it isn’t meant for refills.

Without the cart, there wouldn’t be e-liquid storage, and therefore, there would be no vapor production. Moreover, the cart is also super convenient when it comes to portability since it’ll be an easy-to-use process without the refillable element. It is also safer this way in order to prevent leaks and contamination.

Reasons for Vape Clogging

It isn’t uncommon for a vape to get clogged. There are several reasons why this occurs, and here are a few of them:

Improper Storage:

The storage of the vape is extremely crucial to prevent clogs and leaks. Keeping your vape in unusually hot or cold temperatures can affect the consistency of the e-liquid, making it thick or condense and then leading to clogs. Similarly, if the vape isn’t kept in an upright position, then the e-liquid can get into odd places and cause clogging.

Infrequent Use:

When the vape has been left unused for a really long time after removing the seal, the e-liquid can dry out and cause clogging. Condensation after infrequent use can mix with residual elements and can form a sticky substance, which causes clogging.

Residual Buildup:

The accumulation of e-liquid or other additives after getting dried up can cause clogging. Other foreign materials can also get into the airway, and after accumulating over time, they can cause clogs.

Manufacturing Defects:

Many low-quality vape pens often have defective carts. Broken seals or chambers can result in thickening and accumulation of e-liquid. E-liquid with a higher sweetener concentration or other additives is also prone to the creation of residue, which can cause clogging.

How can a Clogged Cart impact the Vaping Experience?

Women Smoking Disposable Vape

A clogged cart can significantly impact your experience as well as your device while vaping. It can restrict your airflow by minimizing vapor production or completely blocking it. Any such blockage by residue can also change the taste of the flavor. It can also cause leakage and end up wasting your vape juice.

Moreover, clogging can also impact the battery life, and the device may get overheated, thus draining the battery faster and causing harsh and dry hits that can irritate the throat.

Simple Steps to Unclog Your Disposable Vape Cart

The process of unclogging a disposable vape cart can be very simple and straightforward. Here are the steps if you want to know how to unclog a cart:

Clear out the airflow:

The airflow can contain dry buildup or other foreign accumulation. Use a toothpick or a pin to clear out the residue. Otherwise, blow gently into the airway, which will force any minor buildup to fall right out.

Draw gently:

If there is trouble in your airflow, slow and gentle puffs can help fix this issue. Drawing or puffing too hard can cause flooding in the coil and can then start leaking.

Shake the vape:

Sometimes, fluctuations in temperature can change the consistency of the e-liquid. Thickening of the liquid can cause clogs and prevent airflow. Shake the vape pen gently to remove such minor clogs.

Use Heat:

The thickening of liquid can also be fixed by heating up the vape pen. Use a hairdryer on low heat for a few seconds only to loosen the e-liquid. Remember to keep it at a safe distance.

If the clog still persists and won’t get fixed with the above ways, then opening up the cart is the only option left:

Drain the e-liquid:

Use a syringe to remove the leftover e-liquid, which is still good and can be used later.

Open up the cart:

Although disposable vapes do not have the option to access the cart, if you still manage to do so, then remove the seals and open up the cart.

Clear the hindrance:

If you located the cause of the clogging, then clean it off. Use a tissue or a cotton swab and remove all the residue clogging the cart.


Reassemble your cart and refill the e-liquid that you saved for later. Attach your cart to the vape, and then give it a try to make sure it still works.

If the above methods don’t work for you, then all that is left to do is discard the current vape pen and get a new one. Make sure to stick around to prevent this from happening again.

Preventing Future Clogs in your Vape Cartridge

A disposable vape clogged is frankly of no use. Not only is your expensive e-liquid wasted, but your vape pen also gets destroyed.

To ensure the longevity of your vape, make sure to store it in an upright position to prevent the e-liquid from seeping into irregular places. Moreover, make sure to keep it at a moderate temperature, as temperature fluctuations can thicken the e-liquid.

Make sure to clean your mouthpiece regularly and avoid taking hard puffs. Also, do not let it sit around too much after removing the seals. Use your vape regularly so that the vape juice does not thicken and clog.

Final Thoughts: Avoiding Clogged Vapes

The plan to have a clog-free vape comes down to very few steps. It is pretty easy to fix your clogs and prevent them. All you have to do is follow the above steps, and you’ll have your answer on how to fix a clogged disposable vape.

Apart from this, remember to buy a high-quality disposable vape to ensure a smooth vaping experience. Risking the choice of the wrong vape can cause serious health hazards. This is why you should make sure to choose your products from a trusted website such as D8 Gas. They provide high-quality products from the top brands. They do careful research, perform various tests, and quality check every brand to ensure safe and best quality products for their customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why is my new cart not hitting?

If your cart is not hitting there is a possibility that your vape could be broken. You might have shaken your vape too hard, which could have resulted in an internal leakage and ruined your device.

Q2. How to unclog a disposable vape?

To unclog a disposable vape, clean the airway or the mouthpiece of your vape with a toothpick or pin to remove the residue, then blow into the vape gently to clear out the airway. Make sure to take gentle puffs and heat your device if the clog is too rigid.

Q3. What do you do if a cart has airflow but no smoke?

If your cart has airflow but no smoke, make sure to check your battery since it might be low or defective. The e-liquid might’ve thickened, so try to warm it up gently. The smoke formation also depends on the quality of the e-liquid.

Q4. How to get the last hits out of disposable?

To get the last hits out of a disposable, try to loosen up the remaining e-liquid by heating up your device or shaking the vape pen. Afterwards, inhale slowly to get the most out of the remaining juice. Remember to store your vape in an upright position so that the e-liquid moves toward the heating element.

Q5. Can you unclog a cart with a toothpick?

Yes, you can unclog a cart with a toothpick. All you have to do is gently insert a toothpick into the mouthpiece and clear all the blockage. Try not to push the toothpick too hard since it can damage the cartridge.

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