If you are a hemp user, you are well aware of how fast the world of hemp is evolving. There are so many variants of the miracle cannabinoids that sometimes it’s hard to keep up. So if you are confused or out of touch with these variants, let’s discuss the three most common and recent ones. 

In this article, we will discuss HHC, HHC-O, and HHC-P, which are becoming popular with each passing day due to their potency and incredible effects.

What Is HHC?

HHC or Hexahydro Cannabinol is the chemical product that hydrogenates THC into HHC, where the THC used is Delta 9 THC, one of the most abundant THC in the cannabis plant.

This hydrogenation makes the HHC a psychoactive cannabinoid, though milder high, offering most THC Delta 9 effects such as enhanced mood, appetite, etc.

HHC is readily available in small amounts in hemp plant seeds and pollen and is a relatively stable cannabinoid.

What Is HHC-O?

HHC-O is HHC with added acetate, which adds a more potent effect to your “highs” when compared with HHC and is 1.5 times more powerful. This makes HHC-O a higher demanded product in some circles and of the view that it is the closest thing to Delta 9 THC.

Enzymes in our body’s metabolism break down acetate, making HHC easily accessible to CB1 receptors. While HHC-O takes longer to act but lasts longer, HHC usually feels extremely quick after dissipating. Acetate has a more considerable effect once your body has metabolized it because it attaches to cannabinoid receptors more readily than HHC. One benefit of HHC-O is that it has greater efficacy than HHC alone, making it generally stronger.

If you want to try this cannabinoid, you should look for products from specific brands that primarily sell them as such. When you find some desired products, you should research what testing was done and what the manufacturer followed safety protocols to make finished product. The prime purpose of this research is to buy the best quality product for your consumption.

What Is HHC-P?

HHC-P doesn’t contain tetrahydrocannabinol even though they are being produced from hemp-derived CBD and contain seven carbons in the carbon tail like Delta 9 THC. 

Not the most famous hemp product, HHC-P, according to users, has a much higher hit than Delta 9 and is similar in mind and body effects.

The best part about HHC-P is that their high is more euphoric and uplifting, giving you a relaxing vibe.


The following explains the differences or shared aspects of each of these variants in a better light:

  • Users have been reported to say that they think HHC has the same potency as Delta 9 or maybe a bit milder, depending on who you ask. Generally, the potency or the quality difference marginally between the different breeds of hemp will vary significantly based on an individual’s choice and personal tolerance.
  • On the other hand, HHC is milder than HHC-O and HHC-P, as mentioned above, due to other chemical additions to their chains.
  • So, if you are looking for a psychoactive feel-good experience, we recommend HHC-O over HHC but if you want a more out-of-this-world and relaxing psychoactive experience, go for HHC-P as it is the better choice here.
  • In summary, for a mellow experience, HHC is better. HHC-O for psychoactive effect while HHC-P for high potency.
  • The potency difference among them owes to the molecular structure of each addition and extension from the base HHC.

Effects & Benefits

So let’s go over each of these variants’ differences after discussing their differences and similarities.

  • HHC-P has the most profound effect of bliss and euphoria without taking it out of control, so you enjoy and relax using it.
  • HHC-O will have an excellent psychoactive effect, but a user has not been found having a bad experience.
  • The longest shelf life and stability goes to HHC, which relaxes you the most, even during the highs.
  • Based on the tolerance level, you relax and enjoy with varying degrees. Always consult your doctor to guide you better on how to relax and release the tension with these variants’ help.
  • Good anti-inflammatory qualities and relaxes the mind and body by helping calm down.
  • Whenever consumed, these three hemp cannabinoids give users a cerebral buzz which heightens their mood. 

Which One Is Better?

Whatever you want and what your health can handle will largely determine how you respond to this query.

HHC-P may be excessive in every manner if you are new to hemp and are unsure of how it feels, in which case you won’t have the exciting experience you seek.

HHC-O is a fantastic option if you know your threshold and wish to go a little bit—perhaps just halfway—beyond it.

We advise beginning with these cannabinoids because it has more tolerable effects if you want to ease into using HHC. Remember that HHC is the most well-known and distinctive alternative to THC Delta 9.

The vapor from HHC-O is the smoothest you can conceive and has a more significant impact than HHC. Be in the middle of the spectrum regarding strength, but beware- it’s still effective.

The most exhilarating variant, HHC-P, will be felt by even the most THC-tolerant consumers because of its tremendous potency.

The best option will depend on how you want to feel because all three cannabinoids are potent.

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