With all the new cannabinoids entering the market, it is more confusing now than ever. Aside from delta-9 THC, we now have HHC and delta-8 THC. Wondering what the difference between them is? Let’s dive deeper. 

These three cannabinoids induce almost identical effects. The chemical structure that changes the overall “high” that you will experience differentiates them from one another. As you understand these differences, you’ll discover which is best for your specific needs.

What is HHC?


HHC, discovered in 1944 by American chemist Roger Adams, was created when he incorporated hydrogen molecules into delta-9 THC. This process is known as hydrogenation, transforming THC into hexahydro cannabidiols (abbreviated as HHC). This is the same process used to create margarine from vegetable oil. Nowadays, there’s a new method used to form HHC. Instead of producing HHC from cannabis-derived THC, it is now derived through a process that uses hemp plants, which contains extremely minimal amounts of delta-9 THC compared to cannabis. Although it is around half as potent, HHC is similar to delta-9 THC in how it affects the body and mind. It is also more potent than delta-8 THC.

What is Delta 9?


When referring to marijuana, delta 9 THC is the primary cannabinoid in charge of the “high” induced after its consumption. This is why it has been heavily acknowledged as THC, even though many forms of THC are found in the cannabis plant- such as delta 8 and HHC. This cannabinoid was first studied by scientist Raphael Mechoulam in 1964. As the first individual to extract THC from cannabis, he discovered it was capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier. In addition to realizing that THC is the most responsible for marijuana’s psychoactive effects, he pioneered studies of cannabinoids and their interactions with the body. It is the most potent cannabinoid that can be extracted from the cannabis plant, resulting in experiences that may be too powerful for everyday use if you are looking to experience its benefits. 

What is Delta 8?


Marijuana plants consist of more than 100 different compounds and most hemp and cannabis plants contain delta-8 THC. Although it is found in minimal quantities, it has called for science to be able to synthesize delta 8 solely from hemp plants to make it available for purchase. It is also known as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), just like delta 9. As a result of their close relationship, they share some similar structural characteristics and properties. It is important to note that the two have a few key differences. It is known to be less potent than HHC and delta 9. Delta 8 is known to have similar but much milder effects than delta 9, which has called for an explosion in this new industry as these products induce less paranoia, anxiety, lack of motivation, and plenty of other side effects that come with the consumption of delta 9 THC. 

Legal Status Comparison

Legal Status Comparison


Since the 2018 Farm Bill was put into effect under the Trump Administration by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, all hemp-derived cannabinoids such as delta 8 and HHC have been deemed federally legal as long as they consist of less than .3% of delta 9 THC. 

On the other hand, delta 9 is currently decriminalized and legal medically/recreationally in the following states:

HHC vs Delta 9 and Delta 8: How do they differ? blog image

Will HHC, Delta 9, and Delta 8 appear on a drug test?

HHC, Delta 9, and Delta 8

Since all forms of cannabis Sativa and hemp plants contain traces of delta 9 THC on a large or minimal scale, the consumption of any hemp-derived products excluding CBD will induce a positive drug test. This is because drug testing laboratories have not found a method to distinguish the differences in these cannabinoids. With this being said, we recommend that no hemp products be consumed if you expect a drug test in the near future.

So, now that you know how these cannabinoids differ, you can come up with your conclusion as to which would be best for your specific needs. Suppose you have experienced delta 9 products and became uncomfortable with its effects. In that case, we highly recommend you try out any of D8Gas’ products, which consist of the most reputable brands in the hemp industry, such as Rocket Fuel.

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