CBD-V Cannabidivarin (CBD-V) is structurally much like CBD; however, if we look at it genetically, we might not find many similarities. One can take them as an example of cousins.

As with CBD, CBD-V has anticonvulsant consequences. Enhanced tiers of CBD-V had been discovered in Cannabinoid indica varieties coming from northwest India.

What Is CBD-V?

Although its widely agreed that CBD-V gives somewhat comparable outcomes to CBD due to the fact they’re structurally similar, CBD-V has the identical molecular composition and association as CBD; besides, it has fewer carbon atoms.

CBD is has been known to have many impacts on human body, including: 

  • Inflammation reducing
  • Immunomodulation
  • Anti-convulsant
  • Anxiety reducer
  • Relaxes your muscles
  • Reduces nausea

When evaluating the consequences of CBD with the already acknowledged consequences of CBD-V, a few do seem to go over.

That aside, this compound may provide advantages that CBD doesn’t or maybe an opportunity for human beings who’ve had constrained fulfillment with different cannabinoids.

Research into CBD-V started out during the seventies as a capacity remedy for autism spectrum problems and focal seizures.

One research in which CBD-V was used to deal with seizures connected to Rett syndrome confirmed that 10 mg of CBD-V an afternoon extensively decreased seizures. Rett syndrome is a genetic disorder that falls within the spectrum of autism problems.

Besides ASD, promising outcomes have proven that CBD-V may also be effective towards nausea. Despite this, research maintains into the consequences of CBD-V, seeing that medical trials are ongoing. Perhaps with greater testing, the uses and benefits of this substance would increase drastically.

How It Works

To some degree, CBD-V works more or less like other phytocannabinoids, which include delta-9 and CBD. Research has confirmed that CBD-V could bind to receptors that are present outside the endocannabinoid system. For example, this substance has the capability to bind to transient receptor potential (TRP) channels. This unique receptor pathway has been connected to ASD, which gives us fantastic insight of the fact into how CBD-V treats seizures linked to Rett syndrome.

Potential Uses and Benefits

Some promising research displays that CBD-V has extraordinary abilities through which it can prove beneficial in treating many problems. One could be its proficiency in dealing with Retts syndrome (which is connected to ASD). And further research has demonstrated that CBD-V may be used to lessen nausea among many patients. 

If CBD-V became prescribed for Retts syndrome and used daily, it’d doubtlessly lessen the increasing cases of seizures. In comparison, Epidiolex is a CBD remedy already used to deal with seizures related to Lennox-Gastaut syndrome or Dravet syndrome. 

It has been observed that the quantity of seizures that were occurring on a day-to-day basis has decreased, and the severity additionally decreased. Based on this, CBD-V has the ability to quickly deal with Rett syndrome seizures, much like Epidiolex treats different kinds of seizures.

Moreover, CBD-V, also known as cannabidivarin, has also been shown to have the ability to make some cells of the nervous system less active. It is good news because these nerve cells are usually the cause of swelling, pain, different kinds of seizures, and inflammations, amongst various other conditions. Where CBD-V can be of immense help is that it can make these sales less active overall, helping improve these conditions found very common among people.

Side Effects Of CBD-V

As of yet there are not any detrimental consequences for users of CBD-V. However, this doesn’t suggest that there aren’t any damaging consequences. There are findings through research that mirror the reality that CBD-V remains in medical trials. Some researchers have concluded on the fact that CBD-V may be better tolerated compared to other cannabinoids. But it’s miles nonetheless early days, and any detrimental consequences are yet to be known.

Since the studies available to use in today’s day and age are constrained, there still exists a threat for everyone attempting to use CBD-V recreationally or medically, as its complete probable consequences remain unknown to us.

How to Use CBD-V

Because there is no set prescription available for CBD-V yet, there aren’t any guidebooks regarding how to use CBD-V specifically. However, having known the fact that CBD-V is also a phytocannabinoid, there is a high chance users of Cannabinoids who have been consuming raw substances right out of the plant have encountered this compound before. CBD-V can be easily found in plant products or withinside the oil extracted from these plants.

Lets say you have the option to choose a hemp product with a better CBD-V content. If that is the case, then you should know that this compound has pretty weak oral bioavailability. This method of eating CBD-V orally might have a lesser effect. CBD is likewise much like CBD-V when comared in this scenario.

Strains High in CBD-V

Indica-dominant genetics from Africa and Asia are typically seen to include excessive quantities of CBD-V; however, many sativas might also have excessive quantities of CBD-V. Some varieties that are found to be in high levels in CBD can also be available in high amounts in CBD-V. The following had been bred with CBD-V in mind or have been tested high in CBD-V:

  • Royal CBD-V
  • CBD-V Auto
  • Euphoria
  • Royal Medic
  • Dance World

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Winding It Up

Scientists have acknowledged approximately CBD-V a few times, but medical trials are nonetheless ongoing. With greater studies, the possibilities for CBD-V are likely to increase like wildfire; however, for now, proof indicates CBD-V may be beneficial for treating ASD. If CBD-V becomes an accredited medicine, more information could be gathered regarding the impacts and effects of the cannabinoid.

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