In states like Missouri where products containing more than .3% of delta 9 THC are considered illegal, a fairly new cannabinoid known as delta-8 THC has entered the market that is known for producing extremely similar psychoactive effects to delta 9 minus the negative side effects such as brain fog, anxiety/paranoia, lack of motivation and others.

Hemp-derived THC products containing less than the illegal percentage of delta 9 THC has been made federally legal by the 2018 Farm Bill which was signed under the Trump Administration by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. This is including but is not limited to delta 8 THC, delta 10 THC, HHC, and various other cannabinoids.

Legal Status of Delta-8 in Missouri

Although delta-8 products are legal on a federal level, this new industry is still a largely “gray-area” that is continuously being fought in court by opposing lawmakers and government officials. Supportively, the Missouri House of Representatives placed Bill HB 2034 under effect which clarified that hemp-derived products will be considered legal under state law as long as the same rules and regulations provided in the 2018 Farm Bill are followed.

Will Delta-8 continue to be legal in Missouri?

Unfortunately, there is no promise that delta 8 and other legal cannabinoids will continue to be legal in coming times. The Food and Drug Administration and many government officials with influence on federal laws consider delta 8 as a “loophole” of allowing the usage of a resource they see as a schedule I controlled substance. Missouri has shown its support for hemp-derived goods by removing substances derived from the hemp plant from their controlled substance list. So, we can technically say that in Missouri, delta 8 is completely legal.

Can legal troubles arise for Delta-8 consumers in Missouri?

It is possible for legal troubles to arise for delta 8 consumers. This is due to the fact that delta 8 and delta 9 products are indistinguishable when it comes to their smell and appearance. Because of this, in a situation where you are searched or detained by law enforcement, it will be extremely difficult to prove that what is in your possession is a legal hemp product and not derived from a cannabis plant.

Will Delta-8 induce a failed drug test in Missouri?

The consumption of delta 8 THC will indeed induce a failed drug test. This is because delta 8 goods still contain minimal traces of delta 9 THC and drug testing laboratories have still not encountered a method to distinguish the differences between both cannabinoids.

With this being said, if you are expecting a drug test in the near future and you cannot have a positive THC result, we highly recommend you to not consume any delta 8 or any other cannabinoid to avoid any inconveniences.

What are my consumption options in Missouri?

There are various consumption methods to choose from like disposables, concentrates, cartridges, edibles, and many more to consume delta 8 THC at your preference and comfortability.

Where can you start in Missouri?

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