The cannabinoid world is growing at a breakneck pace with new compounds constantly coming into production. Two cannabinoids that have shown impeccable results and are getting pretty hyped up are Delta 10 and Delta 11. Both Delta THCs are gaining recognition slowly as several cannabinoids are legalized in many states.

If you are searching for the differences between these two Delta THCs and trying to decipher which would suit you best, then worry not because we’ve got you covered. Below we have concluded everything you need to know about Delta 10 and 11. So, hop on below to find out.

An Overview of Delta 10 and 11 THC

Before understaffing the comparison of the two Delta THCs, you need to know about each THC individually. Below we have concluded an overview of the Delta 10 and 11 THC that will brief you on both basics.

What is Delta 10 THC?

Delta-10 THC is the isomer of all known cannabinoids THC. It is referred to as an isomer because of its structural similarities to all existing THCs. Delta 10 THC is specifically very common in structure with the Delta 8 THC, the only difference being their double bonding site.

This bonding site differentiation makes Delta 10 different from all other THCs in the market.

Delta-10 THC can be found in cannabis and hemp plantations. However, its natural production in such plants is in minor traces. Many even believe that Delta 10 found naturally is the aftermath of the Delta 9 degradation.

Hence, the Delta-10 THC is manufactured synthetically in laboratories to attain it in large sums. 

How was Delta 10 Discovered?

The discovery of Delta 10 was pretty accidental and surprising for many. No one even suspected that such a THC existed until it was found.

What happened was that Fusion Farms in California was extracting THC distillate from a batch of cannabis destroyed by a fire retardant.

During this extraction, mysterious crystals were found, which on the discovery, were labeled as CBC and CBL. However, after months of research, it was finally revealed that they weren’t CBC or CBL and were a new cannabinoid compound soon named Delta 10 THC.

Now that you know about Delta 10 THC how about learning its benefits and side effects?

Benefits of Delta 10 THC

Here are some of the most common user-reported benefits of Delta 10 THC

  • Boosts focus and mood
  • Holds anti-inflammatory properties
  • Has energizing properties
  • It works as an anti-anxiety compound

It must be remembered that the benefits of Delta 10 THC are reported by users only, and no scientific evidence of its benefits on humans is present as of yet.

Side Effects of Delta 10 THC

The Delta-10 THC holds no such side effects, so companies never really enlist it in their production.

What is Delta 11 THC?

Delta-11 THC is produced naturally in the hemp plant. Hence, it is considered a naturally-occurring cannabinoid and is not produced in the laboratory compared to Delta 10 THC.

The first reference to Delta 11 dates back to the 1970s; however, there is little information about this product yet. The basic information anyone can blindly conclude about Delta 11 is that it is a psychoactive compound. However, this isn’t surprising, given the general information we know about all THCs.

Like all other cannabinoids, the structural evidence of Delta 11 is similar to many prominent THC compounds. This means that the molecules of other cannabinoids can be structurally rearranged to form Delta 11 synthetically to produce it at an efficient rate.

Is Delta 11 THC the Same as 11-hydroxyl THC?

If you Google Delta-11 THC, many articles also state it as 11-hydroxyl THC. This is one common mistake that people make by confusing the two compounds. Delta 11 and 11 Hydroxyl compounds are entirely different.

The Delta-11 THC is naturally produced in the hemp plants, while the 11-hydroxyl THC is a compound produced in your liver when the Delta 9 starts to break down in your body.

Benefits of Delta 11 THC

Here are a few benefits that users have reported for Delta 11 THC.

  • Strong body and mind experience
  • Relaxed and Chilled
  • Happier feeling and a sense of relief
  • Anxiolytic properties

Side Effects of Delta 11 THC

Here are a few side effects that Delta 11 THC withholds if taken in large amounts.

  • Dry mouth
  • Headache
  • Powerful body experience for first-timers.

Delta 10 vs. Delta 11 – A Comparison

Now that you know the two cannabinoids individually, it is time we compare them to decipher which would suit your need best.

Both Delta 11 and 10 are metabolites that THC produces. However, the two compounds differ in how the body metabolizes them. This difference affects their properties and how they show their impact on the users.

The most significant difference between the two compounds is that Delta 10 is a potent pain reliever, and Delta 11 is a psychoactive compound.

Where can you find the best hemp-derived compounds?

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Delta 10 and Delta 11 are both great cannabinoids that are slowly gaining recognition around the world. We hope this article was sufficient for you to understand the differences between the two and conclude which would suit you best.

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