Do you use hemp and its variants for leisure and fun? If yes, you must be planning to take your favorite hemp disposable, with you on your next trip.

Marijuana and its recreational use has been approved in many states of the US, and many western countries have taken a relatively liberal approach to cannabis in recent years. Still, the same isn’t valid for others. This article will guide you through all you need to know about flying with hemp variants like delta 8 and delta 10 THC.

Can You Legally Fly with Delta-8 THC?

You can take delta 8 THC to countries where it is legal to smoke the hemp variant. Do the confirmation before traveling or booking a ticket with any airline.

Flying With Delta-8 THC in the United States

The recent reenactment of the Farm Bill allows hemp products with up to 0.3% of delta 9. This bill also removed tetrahydrocannabinol from the controlled substances list, so delta-8 THC isn’t illegal. However, if you carry too much, you may be interrogated by the authorities.

Is Delta-8 THC Legal to Take on International Flights?

Due to a lot of drug trafficking in many countries, they are almost draconian in measures against hemp. Always check international laws in whatever country you are traveling to, and keep the certificate of THC wherever you decide to take it with you.

This also means that even if some countries have legalized delta 8 THC and other similar products, bringing such drugs into Thailand is still a crime. 

How About Medicinal Cannabis?

Even though medicinal Cannabis has different regulations than delta 8 THC, you should still be wary. Read the laws before moving or traveling to your destination. 

How To Fly with Delta-8 THC Products?

Here are some quick tips to make your journey easier when flying with delta-8 THC. Of course, this is after you have confirmed that your airline allows transportation and your destination country allows bringing in hemp.

  • Packaging Guidelines – Seal any oil or vape juice before departing to prevent leakage.
  • Analysis Certificate – The delta 8 THC device you are carrying must be approved and has a Certificate of Analysis from a reputable source. Keeping a CoA can save you from legal litigations. You can download the CoA for any product sold on our website on our lab reports page.
  • Authentic and Reliable Brands – Going cheap may cause trouble if you don’t have proper papers. Authentic and approved dealers may be more expensive, but they will have authentic and proper documentation for you. 
  • Original Packaging – Keep the original packaging so authorities can easily confirm its authenticity.

Storage Tips for Flying with Delta 8 Products

Following the guidelines of TSA is essential and will also protect your product. Read below some authentic tips for the delta-8 THC products you will carry.

  • Gummies – Products containing delta 8 THC are permissible to bring on a flight without incident. They are the easiest product to use when flying. You can get started by just leaving them in their original box.
  • Tinctures – Any extract made from hemp, such as delta 8, is frequently governed by the same rules as other common liquids taken in a personal bag. Only one bag, stocked with bottles that may hold no more than 100 mL of liquid, is advised by the TSA.
  • Vapes – If you choose to bring a delta-8 THC vaporizer on a flight, you must keep it in the carry-on rather than your cabin baggage. As a result, you should simply bring what you need for yourself.


  1. Are There Any Bad Side Effects of Delta 8?

You should always be careful with the dosage, as delta-8 THC isn’t too potent, but you may experience some side effects. Some common ones are anxiety, dry eyes, feeling high, increased BP, low BP, low focus, and high hunger.

  1. Is Delta 8 THC Legal?

Your location is highly dependent on this question. At least in the US, it is in most states. The enthusiasts must thank the Farm Bill for this. In other countries, it is implausible though that you may find some there easily once you are on the ground.

  1. Is Delta 8 Considered a Psychoactive Drug?

When ingesting delta-8 THC, you’ll have a euphoric and uplifting experience if that’s what you’re after. However, you must utilize the proper dosage—which is to say, neither too large nor too tiny.

  1. Is Delta 8 THC any Similar to Delta 9 THC?

That being said, Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC are not interchangeable terms. Despite sharing a similar chemical composition, they aren’t the same. The consensus is that delta-8 THC has fewer adverse side effects than Delta-9 THC.

Wrapping Up

It is possible to fly with delta-8 THC substances. Yes, it can be difficult; yes, this may need some documentation; yes, going abroad might be dangerous if you don’t understand the local regulations; and yes, some airlines can create complications. However, it is a possibility that you ought to think about.

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