Imagine going on vacations and getting dropped off from the airport just for possessing a substance that is legal in your state but not in the one you’re going to. 

Legal status has constantly been fluctuating when it comes to the legality of various Cannabinoids. It gets more confusing when the same Cannabinoid is legal in one state and forbidden in the other. Therefore, you never know if a specific Cannabinoid that you are freely using in your state can be taken to the other state without any doubt. 

The same confusions arise when people think of carrying Delta-8 THC around. Hence, this article will look at the legality of Delta-8 and the issues that you can face while trying to fly with it. 

The legality of Delta-8 THC:

The Federal law is very lenient about Delta-8 THC, but that doesn’t make all the states accept it like that. It doesn’t come under the controlled substance according to federal law. You can freely take it with you at airports if the airport you are entering and exiting allow it. 

For instance, if the transportation has to be between Ohio and Florida, you don’t need to hesitate to bring Delta-8 on board because it’s legal in both states. States like North Dakota don’t allow Delta-8 THC, and you can’t enter the state if you’ve some amount of it. It doesn’t even depend on the transportation method. 

Delta-8 THC is legal because, unlike Delta-9 THC, it has a THC concentration of less than 0.3%. That’s the reason behind the legality of Delta-8 and restrictions on Delta-9.

The Extra Precautions:

Although laws are being transparent for the last few years, people still confuse CBD, Delta-8, and other Cannabinoids. The situation might get a little more unfavorable if you mention “THC” anywhere. Even the most experienced TSA employees might fall prey to this confusion.

So, you need to be ready for the anticipated trials. That’s how you can clear the air by addressing the doubts and prove the legality of Delta-8.

For this purpose, the best plan is to carry the third-party lab test report of the product you’re carrying. Such reports mention all the ingredients and their concentrations in the product. Keeping these reports with you can help you prove that the product is free of any illegal substance. 

You can show the receipt or proof of purchase; the knowledge of the authentic source often adds to the validity of the product itself.

Most of the online Delta-8 sites explain the legality of this Cannabinoid. So, it’s a plus point if you had made your purchase online. You can go on the particular site and preset that explanation to the officers for their further satisfaction.

What type of D8 Products can I carry around?

The products like vapes and batteries make the authorities suspicious, even if there’s a legal substance inside them. You might go through some extra struggle because of those.

However, a product like Delta-8 based gummies are less suspicious and often treated as a regular fun edible. 


Although the Delta-8 products are legal, it is better to keep them low-key hidden in the luggage. It’s recommended just because it can save you from some extra drill of spending time with TSA officers proving the legality of the product you’re carrying.

Moreover, you should be aware of the airports and states that don’t allow the entry of Delta-8 products. Unnecessary investigation can drain your mind in no time, adding to the frustration.

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