When we mention THC, most people think of feeling high!

But Delta 9 THC isn’t just about getting intoxicated; it also offers various therapeutic benefits and effects. Let’s explore some of the advantages that Delta 9 products bring to the table.

Some Potential Benefits of Delta 9 Products

Research suggests that Delta 9 products provide various health benefits, particularly when used responsibly and under medical guidance. Even folks report that Delta 9;

  • Relieves chronic and neuropathic pain, arthritis, and conditions like multiple sclerosis.
  • Fights inflammation in diseases such as Crohn’s, irritable bowel syndrome, and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Boosts appetite and is helpful for cancer, HIV/AIDS, and chronic illness patients.
  • Eases nausea and vomiting during cancer treatment.
  • Manages anxiety and PTSD symptoms, promoting relaxation.
  • Aids sleep by inducing sedation.
  • Protects brain cells, potentially benefiting Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s patients.
  • Controls seizures in some epilepsy cases.
  • Reduces intraocular pressure in glaucoma patients.

But Delta 9 products also come with risks, particularly due to their psychoactive properties. So it’s important to start with low doses or consult with a health professional for the same.

But can you fly with Delta 9 Gummies? Well, let’s find out that as well!

Our Six Best Delta 9 Gummies

Space Gods Delta 9 Cosmic Candy 300mg

Space Gods Delta 9 Cosmic Candy provides a fun, tasty, and safe way to experience the benefits of hemp. Their fruity and refreshing flavors like Watermelon, Stellar Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, and Grape Galaxy make the mood. Beyond just taste, it offers a unique experience. Each gummy contains a precise amount of 15mg Delta 9 THC and 15mg CBD per piece (10 pieces), which totals 300mg per bag, giving us control over how we feel—a gentle lift to boost our energy or a more immersive journey to relax and unwind!

Safety is also a big reason we like Space Gods Delta 9 Cosmic Candy. These gummies are made in the USA with special hemp plants that meet strict regulations compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill—having less than 0.3% Delta 9. They are carefully tested to ensure they’re safe to enjoy, giving us peace of mind every time we indulge.

Dosage Guide

½ gummy—a gentle and controlled experience where you might feel relaxed and uplifted.

1 gummy—more intense experience, where you may feel deeply relaxed with a heightened sense of well-being.

1+½ gummies—the highest level of effects, where you may feel intensely high, with strong euphoria and relaxation.


  • Enjoyable flavors make consumption enjoyable.
  • Precise dosing ensures reliable results.
  • Folks can adjust dosage based on their preferences.
  • Legal compliance ensures safety.
  • Lab testing guarantees product quality.
  • They are manufactured in the USA for quality control.


  • Effects may depend on metabolism and tolerance.
  • Effects can take 30 minutes to 1 hour to kick in.

Canna River Delta 9 Gummies 900mg

With an exceptional experience due to their unique blend of 10mg Delta 9 THC and 20mg Broad Spectrum CBD per gummy—each 900mg bag contains 30 gummies, which helps us feel relaxed and at ease. This special combination creates the entourage effect, enhancing the overall sensation of relaxation and enjoyment.

Canna River pays close attention to the quality and safety of its gummies. They use ingredients that are free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs), gluten, cruelty, and alcohol, ensuring that what we’re putting into our bodies is healthy and responsible.

Another aspect we love about these gummies is their wide variety of flavors. With options like Blue Razz, Crazy Apple, Dragon Berry, and more, there’s something to suit everyone’s taste buds. Plus, the packaging is convenient and child-resistant, keeping the gummies fresh and secure until we’re ready to enjoy them.


  • Diverse flavor options.
  • Enhanced relaxation.
  • Entourage effect with Delta 9 and CBD.
  • Rigorous third-party lab testing ensures potency, accuracy, and safety.
  • Made with NON-GMO, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and alcohol-free ingredients.
  • Child-resistant ziplock bags ensure freshness and ease of storage.


  • Depending on body type and metabolism, effects may take 45-90 minutes to manifest, depending on body type and metabolism fully.

Zombi Delta 9 Gummies 500mg

They’re just right for everyone—whether you’re trying cannabis treats for the first time or you’re already a pro. These gummies give you a smooth and enjoyable experience every time, thanks to the perfect mix of Delta 9 THC and CBD. Each bag contains 20 gummies with 12.5mg Delta 9 THC and 12.5mg CBD per gummy (500mg total).

What’s really cool is that Zombi Delta 9 Gummies are all about quality and safety. Every batch gets tested by outside labs to make sure they’re super clean and potent. They’re also made here in the USA with hemp, so we know they’re top-notch and follow all the rules.

Plus, they taste amazing! With flavors like Baja Smash, Pink Lemonade, and Grape Punch, each bite is like a little party for your taste buds. And because they come in a handy resealable bag, we can take them anywhere we go – keeping them fresh and ready whenever we need a little pick-me-up. Zombi Delta 9 Gummies are our go-to choice for a fun, tasty treat that never disappoints.


  • Consistent dosing is suitable for both new and experienced users.
  • Rigorous testing ensures cleanliness and potency.
  • Three fruity options enhance enjoyment.
  • Resealable bag for freshness and portability.
  • Meets regulations for hemp-derived products.


  • Only available in three fruit flavors.

Ghost Delta 9 Gummies 1000mg

Ghost Delta 9 Gummies are among our top picks for a few reasons. They give us the perfect blend of Delta 9 THC and CBD in a tasty, gummy form. Each gummy has just the right mix of 25mg Delta 9 and 25mg CBD, making it easy to enjoy a balanced and enjoyable experience every time.

But what really sets Ghost Delta 9 Gummies apart is their incredible flavors. With options like Pink Lemonade, Black Cherry, Sour Apple, and Kiwi Lime, every bite is a burst of fruity goodness. Ghost Delta 9 Gummies are made with minimal ingredients, so you know you’re getting a pure and high-quality product. And with rigorous third-party lab testing, you can trust that each batch is clean, potent, and safe to consume.

Another thing we love about these gummies is their convenient packaging. Each jar contains 20 gummies, making it easy to take them on the go and enjoy them whenever and wherever you want. These gummies offer a delicious, potent, and reliable experience that we can’t get enough of.


  • Made with minimal ingredients for purity and simplicity.
  • Rigorously third-party lab tested for cleanliness, potency, and safety.
  • Packaged in a jar with 20 gummies for easy portability.
  • Compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill regulations.
  • Manufactured in the USA with industrial hemp, ensuring quality.

URB Delta 8 Delta 9 Gummies 200mg | 2pk

URB Delta 9 THC Gummies are our go-to choice for a deliciously potent and convenient THC experience. They offer a unique blend in each gummy, providing a one-of-a-kind experience that hits just right. With 90mg of delta 8 and 10mg of delta 9 per gummy, 200mg per pack, you know you’re in for a good time.

We love that each pack comes with 2 gummies, making it super convenient for us to enjoy our relaxation on the go. It’s also perfect for those who want to dip their toes without committing to a larger quantity. And talking about the flavors—they’re out of this world! With options like Apple Berri, Berry Burst, Blue Watermelon, Lavish Fresa, Spiked Kiwi, and Tropical Breeze, there’s something for every taste bud to enjoy.

These URB gummies comply with the 2018 Farm Bill so that we can enjoy them worry-free. Plus, they’re vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and non-GMO, made with organic sugar, organic tapioca, organic pectin and all-natural flavorings and colors for an extra dose of goodness.


  • Perfect for on-the-go relaxation or trying out without committing to a larger quantity.
  • Compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill, ensuring legality and peace of mind.
  • Made with vegan-friendly ingredients, it accommodates various dietary preferences.
  • Suitable for folks with dietary restrictions or preferences.


  • It may be too intense for individuals with low THC tolerance
  • Each pack contains only 2 gummies, which may not be sufficient for regular users.

URB Delta 8 Delta 9 Gummies 3500mg

    These URB Delta 8/9 Live Resin Gummies come in a larger pack than the previous product we mentioned. With a whopping 35 gummies per jar, each containing 100mg of the potent blend, you’re getting more bang for your buck. This larger pack size is perfect for those who want to stock up on their favorite treats or share them with friends. This powerful blend of Delta 8 and hemp-derived Delta 9 offers a unique, uplifting and relaxing experience. We also love that they’re made with all-natural ingredients and are vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO. So you can feel good about what you’re putting into your body while enjoying a delicious treat.

    And let’s not forget about the convenience factor. Each piece contains the right amount of THC, making it easy to control your dosage and find the perfect balance for you. Plus, the child-proof cap ensures that your gummies stay fresh and secure no matter where you take them.


    • Compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill, ensuring legality.
    • Vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO ingredients suit various dietary preferences.
    • Precise THC content per gummy allows for easy dosage control.
    • 35 gummies per jar offer better value for users.


    • It may be too strong for those preferring milder effects.
    • It takes 60-90 minutes for the full effects to kick in before considering another dose.

    FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

    Will Delta 9 Gummies Test Positive on a Drug Test?

    Yes, consuming Delta 9 gummies can cause you to test positive on a drug test. THC is the main psychoactive compound that most standard drug tests are designed to detect. The time THC remains detectable in the body can depend on factors like frequency of use, body composition, and metabolism.

    Will Delta 9 Gummies Show Up in a Urine Test?

    Delta 9 THC from gummies will show up in a urine test. THC can remain detectable in urine for several days after a single use and potentially longer for regular users—sometimes several weeks. The detection window can depend greatly on the frequency of use and the dose consumed.

    Are Delta 9 Gummies Safe?

    Delta 9 gummies are generally safe for adults when consumed responsibly and following dosage recommendations. However, some side effects can include dry mouth, red eyes, increased heart rate, coordination problems, and slower reaction times. In some cases, particularly with higher doses, you might experience anxiety, paranoia, or panic attacks.

    How Strong Are Delta 9 Gummies?

    Generally, each gummy can contain 5 to 30 mg of Delta 9. For most users, a dose of 5-10 mg may produce mild psychoactive effects. In comparison, doses closer to 20 mg or higher are considered strong and more likely to produce significant psychoactive effects. You need to start with a low dose, especially if you are new to THC, to know your tolerance and avoid any side effects.

    Which Delta 9 Gummies Are the Strongest?

    The strongest Delta 9 gummies are those that contain the highest mg of THC per gummy. Some brands might offer gummies with up to 25-30 mg of THC each, which are among the strongest available on the consumer market. However, the maximum amount of THC per gummy can be limited by state laws, so the strongest gummies available in one state might not be the same in another.

    Where Can I Find the Best Delta 9 Gummies?

    The biggest question we all have in our minds is—are Delta 9 gummies legal? It depends on where you reside (check out the state laws). But you’ll get the best-selling Delta 9 products from all the popular brands here at D8 Gas because we don’t compromise quality! We showcase and еndorse thе highеst quality brands and products today, excelling in the Hemp Industry. Our priority is providing an exceptional customer shopping еxpеriеncе, guarantееing 100% satisfaction from accеssing a divеrsе rangе of top-tier brands to seamless ordеring and fulfillmеnt; we assure our customers of thе bеst products.

    When your new product(s) from D8 Gas arrive, you can be confident you’re gassеd up and ready to lift off! Our team goеs thе extra milе, conducting thorough research, tеsting, and stringеnt quality control for all brands listеd on D8Gas.com. Our commitment ensures that еvеry product meets the highest quality and health standards. Evеry product listеd for salе has accеssiblе lab rеports providing transparеnt, voluminous rеsеarch and information supporting claims.

    Explorе the Best-Selling Delta 9 Gummies with Confidence – Choosе D8 Gas!

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