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Ecto Cooler [Hybrid]: Ecto Cooler is a Sativa-dominant hybrid bred by crossing California Orange with Gorilla Biscuit. This strain is gaining a lot of popularity in the cannabis community due to its uplifting cerebral effects that leave users in a happy relaxed state of mind. It is known to have an aroma of a mix of orange juice and gasoline with an exquisite citrus taste with a hint of fuel.

Maui Wowie [SATIVA]: Maui Wowie is a classic Sativa strain. This strain is known for having sweet tropical flavors with strong stress relieving qualities and high energy euphoria. It is known for having a taste similar to sweet pineapple with lightweight effects to allow users to drift into creative spaces.

Pink Cookies [INDICA]: Pink Cookies, a variation of Wedding Cake,  is an Indica-dominant strain bred by crossing Girl Scout Cookies with Cherrypie. This strain is known to have strong body effects that leave users in a relaxed, euphoric state. It is known to have an aroma and taste of rich, tangy, sweet earth, and hints of pepper.

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