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Blue Zkittles [INDICA]: Blue Zkittles is an Indica strain bred by crossing Blue Diamond with the popularized Zkittles. This strain is known for its powerful body effects and its uplifting mental effects, favored amongst users for night time use. It is known to carry a strong aroma and taste of tart citrus and wildflowers.

Heady Hybrid [HYBRID]: The latest Delta 8 THC ceramic vape cartridge to be released by Urb Finest Flowers. Containing a Jack Herer terpene profile, this strain is especially earthy and fruity, and takes Delta 8 THC cartridges to the next level.

Lemon Haze [SATIVA]: Lemon Haze is a Sativa strain bred by crossing Lemon Skunk with Silver Haze. This strain is well known for having a strong smell and taste of fresh peeled lemon slices. It is known for giving energizing effects making users feel uplifted and happy.

Purple Punch [INDICA]: Purple Punch is an Indica-dominant blend of two California favorites, Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple. Purple Punch terpenes offer sweet grape and blueberry flavors accented with vanilla and cinnamon overtones.

Strawberry Shortcake [INDICA]: Strawberry Shortcake is an Indica strain bred by crossing White Wookie with The White. This strain is well known for its strong euphoric effects and putting users’ minds into a state of bliss, best for night time use when there is nothing of importance to do. It is known to carry a strong and heary strawberry flavor and aroma, used by many to help relieve insomnia symptoms.

Twisted Citrus [SATIVA]: Twisted citrus is a Sativa-dominant strain with one of the highest potencies in the cannabis world. This strain is known for its cerebral effects giving users an energetic, uplifted feeling that is long lasting. It is known to have an aroma and taste of tropical fruit with strong hints of orange and banana.

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