Mental Extracts Flavors/Strains

Mental Extracts Flavors/Strains


Blue Dream [HYBRID]: Blue Dream is a Sativa dominant hybrid that carries a very sweet flavor. It is a cross of Blueberry Indica and Sativa Haze, producing a strain known for its balanced full-body relaxation, with gentle uplifting and mental clarity and motivating effects. It’s great for daytime use.

Durban Poison [SATIVA]: Durban Poison is a pure Sativa originating from the South African port city of Durban. This strain is known worldwide for its sweet smell and energetic, uplifting effects. It is known to carry a sweet taste and effects that lend a hand in sparking the user’s creativity.

Girl Scout Cookies [HYBRID]: Girl Scout Cookies is an Indica-dominant hybrid bred by crossing OG Kush with Durban Poison. Girl Scout Cookies, or GSC for short, is a strain held in high regard due to it having strong, full-body relaxing effects. It is known for having a sweet and pungent flavor with hints of mint, cherry and lemon.

Grandaddy Purple [INDICA]: Granddaddy Purple powerful Indica strain bred by crossing Purple Urkle and Big Bud. This potent strain will relax your mind and body beyond your wildest imagination. Grandaddy Purple is the go-to strain for people looking to alleviate stress and pain, combat insomnia and muscle spasms and even to increase appetite.

Green Crack [SATIVA]: Green Crack is a potent sativa strain bred by crossing Skunk#1 with an undisclosed Indica. This strain is well known for its energizing effects that leave users happy and extremely creative. It is known to carry a tangy, fruity and flavor and having long-lasting effects to keep users sharp and focused.

Limoncello [HYBRID]: Limoncello, also known as Lemonchello is a well balanced hybrid bred by crossing The Original Lemonade with Cherry Pie. This strain is known for its comforting effects leaving users happy and relaxed, occasionally catching the case of the uncontrollable giggles. It is known to carry a citrus aroma with a flavor profile comparable to lemon and cherry tones.

Pineapple Express [HYBRID]: Pineapple Express is a Sativa-dominant strain bred by crossing Trainwreck with Hawaiian. Popularized by movies such as Pineapple Express, this strain has propelled to almost celebrity status amongst the cannabis community. This strain is known for its energizing effects leaving users happy and uplifted, almost guaranteeing unexpected giggles to emerge, while being focused and productive. It is known to carry a strong flavor and aroma of fresh apples, mango, and sweet pineapple.

Pink Panties [INDICA]: Pink Panties is an Indica strain bred by crossing Burmese Kush with Florida Kush. This strain is known for its sedating effects, leaving most users relaxed, making this a great strain to help catch some well needed sleep. It is known to carry a floral, tart aroma and have a strong citrus and floral taste.

Wedding Cake [HYBRID]: Wedding Cake is a potent Indica-dominant hybrid strain made by crossing Cherry Pie with Girl Scout Cookies. This strain features a rich and tangy flavor profile with undertones of earthy pepper.

Zkittles [HYBRID]: Zkittles is the Indica-dominant strain bred from a mix of Grape Ape and Grapefruit that produces a candy flavored strain. The effects of Zkittles are calming, leaving consumers focused, alert, and happy while relaxing the body to help unwind any time of the day.