Kush Burst Gummy Flavors

Kush Burst Gummy Flavors


Blue Raspberry If you love an electric Blue Raspberry flavor, these gummies are for you. It’s a healthy mix of fresh blueberry with a touch of sweet raspberry. No aftertaste here, just delicious candy with a kick that calms you.

Juicy Pineapple A taste of the islands, the sweet golden fruit. You won’t be able to stop enjoying these gummies of pure bliss. Full body flavor, leaving you trying to not eat the whole package.

Sour Apple This sour apple delivers a sour punch then a quick burst of crisp apple juice. Certified delicious and activates chill-mode.

Watermelon Bliss The flavor of summer, the king of the reds, and the nectar of life. Watermelon Bliss is the drool-worthy flavor mix of watermelon candy and sweet juice to melt the stress away.

White Peach Packed with flavor! These white peach delta-8 gummies by Kush Burst are a hit, and an easy best seller. Try these Delta-8 infused organic gummies today.