Honeyroot Wellness Flavors/Strains

Honeyroot Wellness Flavors/Strains


Gelato [HYBRID]: Gelato is an extremely well known hybrid strain cultivated by crossing Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. Gelato is well regarded for inducing powerful mental upliftment and unmistakable whole body relaxation. In short, you will feel like you are melting into your couch.

Honey Kush [INDICA]: Honey Kush is an Indica strain that has been commented on similar to Gelato with it being great for night time relaxation and unwinding from a long day. This strain is known for having an extremely sweet taste reminiscent of honey, with sedating effects.

Pineapple Kush [INDICA]: Pineapple Kush is an Indica strain that is subtle and sweet. Pineapple Kush is known for exhibiting a pineapple taste with minty undertones. This strain gives blissful and uplifting feelings that relax and calm the mind.

Wedding Cake [HYBRID]: Wedding Cake is a potent Indica-dominant hybrid strain made by crossing Cherry Pie with Girl Scout Cookies. This strain features a rich and tangy flavor profile with undertones of earthy pepper.

Zkittles [HYBRID]: Zkittles is the Indica-dominant strain bred from a mix of Grape Ape and Grapefruit that produces a candy flavored strain. The effects of Zkittles are calming, leaving consumers focused, alert, and happy while relaxing the body to help unwind any time of the day.