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Rocket Fuel

Founded in the sunshine state of Miami, Florida, Rocket Fuel is truly a hidden gem in the Delta industry. It was developed by a group of biochemists and botanical specialists that are driven to provide wellness to their consumers with the notable benefits of hemp, all at an affordable price. The hemp incorporated into our products are extremely carefully-cultivated and undergo extensive lab testing which allows them to promise the most pure Delta 8 distillate in the market. The strains they incorporate into their pristine flower and disposables range from classics like Bubba Kush to new and extremely popular strains such as Biscotti. We also offer bite-sized deliciously potent selections of fruit flavored gummies that come in a variety of hemp cannabinoids. Rocket Fuel is a hemp company developed and curated to provide an unmatched experience in Delta 8 products. It is time to strap in and get ready for take off with Rocket Fuel with our 50% off special!