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Aug 11, 2021

What is THC-O Acetate?

In a world that is still struggling to win deserved legal acceptance for CBD and other Cannabinoids, THC-O acetate is yet another Cannabinoid. It has not been long since this Cannabinoid started gaining the attention of Cannabinoid freaks. The discovery of Delta-9 THC and Delta-8 THC led to the identification of Delta-10 THC. But the story didn’t end there as THC-O Acetate appeared on the scene to add more to the list. THC-O Acetate that researchers abbreviate as THC-O is comparatively a unique Cannabinoid as its properties are quite different from the other Cannabinoids that we have mentioned. 

Introduction to THC-O Acetate:

THC-O, as the name indicates, is a Cannabinoid with the significant effect of THC. It means that it is psychoactive and can elicit the feeling of getting “high” in the consumer. It is different from THC because THC has OH, while THC-O has O and acetate molecule. 

That’s the reason behind the difference in the properties of the two compounds. 

Extraction of THC-O:

Remember that, like other preceding Cannabinoids, you can’t extract THC-O directly from the Cannabis plant as it’s a synthesized compound. You can synthesize it in labs either from THC or THCA. The acetylation of THC doesn’t mess up with the properties to a great extent. However, the potency and concentration of THC become much stronger as compared to that in other THC compounds. Therefore, it’s a wonder substance for people who prefer a high concentration of THC. 

The THC-O synthetic process is highly volatile, and it separates all other compounds, i.e., terpenes and other beneficial Cannabinoids hence taking away the additional benefits.

Properties of THC-O:

The factor that makes THC-O different from all other THC-based Cannabinoids is that it is very potent. The addition of acetate to THC makes it very much more powerful. Some research has shown that THC-O molecule can have 300 times more strength than simple THC molecule. Yes, you heard that right! A tiny acetate can do that wonder!

It is potent to the extent that its dose can have some psychedelic effects, i.e., the consumer can experience hallucinations. People who have been using it over the years claim that they’ve found a way to face up to their demons by using THC-O Acetate. That’s why people call it “spiritual Cannabinoid” as well. 

THC-O Acetate, like other Cannabinoids, is a fat-soluble compound even though its slight variant THC-O phosphate is water-soluble. It means that THC-O has to go through a filtration step to become part of the bloodstream. Water-soluble compounds bypass this filtration step, and that’s what makes THC-O elicit its effect slowly. 

Effects of THC-O:

The effects of THC and THC-O are no different other than the potency factor that we have discussed above. Moreover, the separation of acetate molecules in the body takes some time, making THC-O work a bit slower than THC. THC-O benefits the body by:

  • Inducing relaxation
  • Eliciting happiness and restfulness
  • Being spiritual compound
  • Having psychedelic effect

Final Word:

Cannabinoids have been very beneficial to human beings so far. One shouldn’t miss an opportunity to try these Cannabis-extracted compounds for their therapeutic needs. THC-O products are relatively new in the market, but some websites deal well with THC-O-based products like THC-O gummies, THC-O vape cartridges, THC-O disposables, etc. 

If you are the person who feels well with the potent THC-based products, nature has sent THC-O for you.

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