URB Psilly Gummies


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URB Psilly Gummies

Made from some of the worlds most exotic plants, these gummies are made with the perfect blend that are sure to lift your mind, body and spirit. These gummies are infused with Kava Kava, Chaga, Damian leaf, Caffeine, Reishi mushrooms, lions mane mushrooms and cordyceps. These are some of the best holistic ingredients around.

Mushrooms have been used for hundreds of years and have an enormous amount of benefits. Currently, these edibles are available in 2 different flavor options.

URB Psilly Gummy Flavors



Product Features:

  • 10 Gummies Per Bag
  • Grape has 80mg per gummy
  • Pineapple has 200mg per gummy

Suggested Use: 1 Gummy

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Tristan Klaman

The Grape Flavor actually has no mushrooms at all, which is slightly misleading. However the combination of herbal ingredients definitely puts me in a better mood. I have encorporated into daily life. Flavor is different but not horrible, sometimes makes my tongue feel funny while chewing, but it goes away quickly.

Gerardo Arranaga

I've never had a problem with a product not working on this site but these do absolutely nothing. I literally ate both packs since I bought one of each and nothing ever happened. It wasn'ty tolerance either because I don't take any psychedelics often at all. Save your money and buy some regular edibles instead.

MyRanda Wright

These gummies made me feel calm and focused.

Beverly Culp

We love these gummies. My hubby has severe back pain from the military and these help a lot.

Michelle A.

Made me so happy

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