URB Extrax Delta 9 Gummies


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URB Extrax Delta 9 Gummies

In stock Delta 9 gummies for sale by Urb Extrax. These Delta 9 gummies are 10 mg each.

This collaboration was done by Urb and Delta Extrax Brand. These are two of the premier hemp companies in the industry.

D9 10mg THC fruit edibles from URB Extrax contain 0.25% delta-9 THC per gummy. Packed in a blister pack, which help protect the gummies from melting in the heat.

The THC used in these delta-9 gummies by URB Extrax does not come from the cannabis plant, instead, it comes from Hemp plants.

Hemp plants are federally legal under the Farm Bill Act.

The Extrax Brand also manufactures a few other products including Vape Disposables, Vape cartridges, and tinctures that are made with delta-8 thc. Please check all warnings below regarding negative side effects.

Delta-9 THC Gummy Flavors:

  • Guavaberry Fruit
  • Kiwi Mixer
  • Blueberry Citrus Burst
  • Blood Orange
  • Pomegranate Breeze
  • Peach Mango

Urb Extrax Delta 9 Gummies For Sale: Product Details:

  • 0.25% Delta 9 THC
  • Third Party Lab Tested
  • Heat Resistant Packaging

Click Here To View Lab Reports.

Blueberry Citrus Burst – Your two favorite childhood fruits combined in one gummy to explode. The blueberry burst and lemon zest is truly bliss.

Kiwi Mixer – Excite your taste buds with the perfect mix of kiwi. This flavor provides an uplifting and ecstatic cerebral feeling.

Guavaberry Fruit – These Guavaberry Fruit Gummies are bursting with a fruity, balanced flavor that will have you feeling cerebral all while offering a smooth body high!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Shelby Ligon

Urb really never disappoints. The only thing I would even complain about is the consistency. All of the flavors are great!

Christopher Gardner

I prefer consistency so I'd recommend these.

Shelby L.

Great! I'm new to the D-9 edible world, and every time I try a different product I always keep coming back to these. Also, the flavors are great. Although I'm not much of a blood orange fan in general, but it wasn't terrible.

Lauren F.

I've tried all the flavors and they're all delicious! Fruity and flavorful. I love that these gummies are made without gelatin, completely vegan! FINALLY! They are mello, happiness in a gummy!

Melanie L.