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Dark Hawk

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Dark Hawk, one of the fastest growing brands in the cannabis industry, has finally stepped into the hemp market. With their advanced history, Dark Hawk has been able to innovate while concentrating on the purity, quality and safety of their products. What drives this brand is their envisioning of a future where hemp-derived products are the foundation of society that is used to battle some of the most crippling diseases in the world. The hemp incorporated into their collections have been carefully-cultivated with natural farming practices meaning no pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. They offer a large selection of THC-O disposables that contain never-before-seen strains like Blood Orange Tangie and Pink Champagne. With immense amounts of Dark Hawk knock-offs due to their popularity, here at D8 GAS we are proud to announce that we are an officially authorized retailer to provide our customers with the real deal.

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